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  1. sillennium

    Telefunken Copperhead Tube Mic vs Workhorse Mics like AT4033 and MK4 - Vocal Test

    So have you ever wondered what does a Tube Mic really bring to the table? How much does it change the sound? Well that is what I was trying to show in this video. About a year ago I went to B&H Photo Video and they have a fantastic room where you can switch between about 30 to 40 mics almost...
  2. sillennium

    My Response to the Firebird X destruction video

    Look no liked, loved that guitar but watching them destroy them hurt!
  3. sillennium

    Ibanez Vemuram TSV808 Demo - I got one of the First 50!

    I got the first of 50 Ibanez Vemuram TSV808 tubescreamers. I shot a quick demo of it so folks can hear it using a Les Paul standard and the Magnatone Super Fifteen. Its a screamer. I also shot an unboxing video if you all are in those sort of things?
  4. sillennium

    Celestion Alnico Speaker Shootout: The Ruby, Cream, and Gold - Gain and Clean Videos

    Hey Guys, I just finished doing a shootout on 3 of the Alnico speakers from Celestion. I did two videos one using a Magnatone Super Fifteen for the Gain side of things and a Fender Blues Jr III for the clean side. The speakers that I take a look at are the Ruby which is new this year, the...
  5. sillennium

    Tested out the New Audio-Technica ATM350GL - Mic that Mounts to your Acoustic for Live Performances

    MLPers: I thought I would share my latest video on the brand new ATM350GL from Audio-Technica. This is a mic mounting system that specifically mounts to your acoustic guitar so you can mic it live and not have to use your Piezo pickup. The mic used is specifically the ATM350a which is the same...
  6. sillennium

    How to Install Bigsby B5 "F Logo" on a Telecaster using the Vibramate System

    I recently finished a modification on my Telecaster by installing a Bigsby B5 on it using the Vibramate system. I did a step by step on it since it is involved but still very easy to do. I enjoyed doing, but who doesn't love a Bigsby on their guitar especially on a Telecaster. I can always...
  7. sillennium

    Mic Shootout: Sennheiser e906, e609 and Shure SM-57

    MLPers, Since the Sennheiser e906 is on sale for 99 bucks till the end of November, I wanted to do a shootout to compare it to the little brother, e609 and see if I wanted to pick up another one. I also added in the age old standard Shure SM-57 as an additional level of comparison. I...
  8. sillennium

    Billy Gibbons Big Bad Blues Tour - Who Has Seen it? - He uses A Little Thunder Pickup

    Last week I saw Billy Gibbons in concert in St. Louis, and it was incredible. I put together a little video showing some of my footage and my review of the concert. One very interesting thing is he has no Bass player on his tour. Just him and another guitar player (Austin Hanks) and Matt...
  9. sillennium

    Two Easy Methods for Checking your Wiring in a 1x12 Speaker Cabinet

    I thought I would share my video I did on how to check how to wire your speaker correctly and make sure it is in phase. What methods do you all use?
  10. sillennium

    Gibson ES-Les Pauls - Why Are They Not in the 2019 Line

    So I think Gibson overall is doing a good thing with their more simple less "gimicky" 2019 line, but I was curious why there were no Gibson ES-Les Pauls in the Memphis line? When I toured there about 2.5 years ago they said it was by far their most popular model. Was that not true in 2017/18...
  11. sillennium

    What do you do when you stuck in a Rut and feel like you are playing the same thing over and over?

    What do you all do when you are playing and you feel like your solos are all the same licks, or you can't seem to play something "new" persay in your solos? I put together a video that shows one of the things I do, but I was curious what all you do? The benefit of using the method I use...
  12. sillennium

    What I Love About This: Wampler Faux Tape Echo

    I thought I would share a new series of videos I will be working on over time, called What I love about this..... The first one I talk about the Wampler Faux Tape Echo and what attracted me to it and I show the sound that drew me in. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any suggestions...
  13. sillennium

    Tried out the New Schaller S-Locks...What are your Thoughts?

    I went to the local store here and needed to get a new set of strap locks and a strap. I have always been a big fan of the Schaller Strap locks, and I was surprised to see they had revised them. They are called S-Locks. I did an install video on the regular strap locks a few years ago, but I...
  14. sillennium

    Ave Maria Sung by My Niece, Rachel Sill....Proud Uncle!!!

    I thought I would share my niece singing Ave Maria. I am accompanying her with my Custom Martin OM-28 Marquis. I think she did a wonderful job, and I thought some of you all might enjoy a little classical music!
  15. sillennium

    Mullen Pedal Steel Guitar, Discovery Single Neck Demo

    MLPers: I thought I would share a new video I put together of something a little different. This is of a single neck Pedal Steel Guitar by Mullen. My father, Gary Sill, is the one playing so I hope you enjoy. Thanks, Scott
  16. sillennium

    New Celestion Speaker Shootout: A-Type, V-Type, Limited G12-35XC

    MLPers: I thought I would share my latest speaker shootout. This time I look at the brand new A-Type, V-Type and the Limited G12-35XC speaker to celebrate Celestion's 90th anniversary. I shot it using both my gain channel and my clean channel so you can pick your flavor. Please let me know...
  17. sillennium

    Orange VT1000 Valve Tester (Tube tester) Demo

    MLPers: Not sure if you all have checked out the Orange VT1000, but I recently got my hands on one and was able to check it out. This thing is awesome and it works so well. I put together a demo video of me testing my Gibson Goldtone GA-15RV's tubes on it. Let me know your thoughts...
  18. sillennium

    Bruce Kulick from KISS demos his BK Model (Les Paul Jr.) Re-issue

    Bruce Kulick from KISS and now currently Grand Funk Railroad shows off his remake of an early 50 Les Paul Jr that he made famous during his years with KISS. Check it out it is very cool! The video is a bit long, but he demos it playing quite a few different riffs from the KISS years and tells...
  19. sillennium

    PRS Archon Twenty Five (25 Watt Version) Demo at LA Amp Show

    I thought I would share something I saw this weekend at the LA Amp Show here in Los Angeles. PRS guitars was there and they had a 25 watt version of the PRS Archon which hasn't been officially announced yet. It has all the same circuitary, preamp, etc in it, just a 25 watt version and much...
  20. sillennium

    Steve Hunter's String Change Buddy - Great Accessory to Bigsby Guitars

    MLPers: I wanted to share my latest demo video. This time I take a look at Steve Hunter's String Change Buddy which is a wedge that fits nicely in your Bigsy vibrato to help hold the strings on the pins while changing the strings. Helps you having your the strings slip off and ding your...

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