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    Is it even possible ...

    Could you be hearing anything in the case pocket rattling around? Typically when I ship a guitar, I pack it and when it's closed I shake the case. I usually can hear or feel where it's moving if I hold the case by where the guitar is moving around in the case.
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    Bridge slant mod for Epiphone Casino (lefty conversion)

    Personally if I were you, I would see if this would work to convert a righty to lefty bridge. It would be much less invasive if you decide you don't like the guitar and want to sell it. If you decide to redrill for new posts, they would be mostly covered by the thumbwheel however...
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    Dilemma With a Serial Number

    Hi, the neck heel is odd as well, It definitely has been sanded down. I have a 69 SG that I can tell has what would have been the same large heel. I can tell you it has never been a large guard SG. there is no evidence of a patch. I tore the guitar completely down when I got it and couldn't find...
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    Dilemma With a Serial Number

    Sorry. Try this.
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    Dilemma With a Serial Number

    Sorry they are in bedded in the post.
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    Dilemma With a Serial Number

    Hi, I bought a players 60's SG Standard. It was advertised as a possible '63 however I was pretty sure from the photos it was later. I got the guitar and it definitely has a 1 9/16" nut width which narrows it down to 65-66. Now this thing is a definitely a player, it has multiple repairs...
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    1966 ? Gibson SG Refin to Pelham blue 60477

    I'd like to chime in and point out that logo style where it was a block of pearl that was stenciled is pretty exclusive to '69. Before and after it was inlayed pearl. Not sure why they did that and then switched again, but I'm pretty certain with the logo type, and neck join, it's at least a 69...
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    NGD- 2001 R8 and a few questions for experts here

    Definitely replacements. 01 would be double line and have Gibson Deluxe on them.
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    Almost scared to ask (1969 SG Custom Question)

    Yes it's fine to have it over the binding. Look at it this way. If you were a bean counter at Gibson at the time (Norlin era), would you want to spend labor dollars on scraping white paint off a white binding?
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    NGD- 2001 R8 and a few questions for experts here

    I don't think they were different that year. My guess would be the frets have been dressed down.
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    NGD- 2001 R8 and a few questions for experts here

    Hi, yes Kluson's were stock on '01 R8s. Some did come with Grovers but those were the Custom Authentics (pre cursor to VOS). And yes it should have a COA. My 01 R8 had one. As far as fret wire, I'm not sure, I had mine refretted. I don't think they were using different fret wire for different...
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    How to refin a 335 °Now amateur makeover project°

    Also vintage 335s were a stain applied with clear over it.
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    How to refin a 335 °Now amateur makeover project°

    The trick to them is to use two. Basically Prevals are just aerosol with a straw underneath. Aerosol gets cold as you spray which causes the spitting. Keep two filled with lacquer when you're spraying. Spray one, then switch. Practice on a scrap to get an idea when it would start spitting so you...
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    How to refin a 335 °Now amateur makeover project°

    I've used Prevals alot over the years. They work really well, I've done pro looking jobs on my porch. You get a bit more speckling than an actual spray gun, but a lot less than rattle cans. However don't even let that worry you because it's a solid color. The speckling is really only really an...
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    How to refin a 335 °Now amateur makeover project°

    Hi, what are you going to be using for lacquer? Rattlecans or mixing? The only thing I would suggest is don't use a rattlecan full strength. Mix your own and make it thin. When I had to refin the neck of my LP, I used a rattlecan. It came out way too dark the first go around. What I did was...
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    Ask Grumpy Old Luthier BCRGreg Thread

    Hey there, for the black part, seal it with CA glue, and the easiest thing to use is India Ink from any craft store. It's the only ink you can get that's pure black and not blueish. You can get dyes or a stain but at $20 buck for a dye vs. $4 for the India Ink it'll work just as well. Because...
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    Any experience with Philadelphia Luthier Tools pickup rings?

    All parts sells the screws by themselves.
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    Any experience with Philadelphia Luthier Tools pickup rings?

    No they aren’t the same height as the historic ones as well as the color is off. Check out Dimarzio rings on musicians friend or guitar center. They are the right height, color, and they’re four bucks apiece.
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    NSGD!! and I could use some help in finding out the year (69'-70'?)

    Well just going off just the serial, it's a '68. I would say it can't be later than '69 because of the lack of volute. My guess is it's a '68 that has a changed pot and the worker was a bit overzealous with the sander. Either way sounds like a winner. Enjoy.
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    Double NGD.......but need advice on one please

    Have you tried Virtuoso polish/cleaner? They say it's supposed to removed arm wear haze. If anything will take it out that will. As far as the knobs, it sounds like the pot shafts are too close together. If you can remove the knobs (carefully, they are a pain on push pull pots if in doubt take...

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