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  1. Rick

    Only a Chibson is Good Enough

    My favorite line on CL Chibson ads is "Comes with brand new strings."
  2. Rick

    Frozen guitar

    Don't worry, new Gibson nitro doesn't check or age at all. It has plastickisizers mixed in it.
  3. Rick

    Only a Chibson is Good Enough

    On a serious note, this Chibson has nibs and the bridge posts are not slotted. Hate to see this shit floating around.
  4. Rick

    Only a Chibson is Good Enough

    I always find it funny how people try and flip their $199 Chinese fakes as custom built "clones" and "replicas".
  5. Rick

    Only a Chibson is Good Enough

    :squint: I have a custom made high quality Slash LP clone.most Gibsons have a long tenon connection where neck attaches to body.these are CNC made from a solid piece of wood so they are one piece.these...
  6. Rick

    Alright boys, what the hell we looking at here? (CL)

    Holy shit I think you're right! $1,500 and a questionable description in the ad smells like stolen property to me!
  7. Rick

    Alright boys, what the hell we looking at here? (CL)

    Obviously the pre-pack checklist and "original Fender case" do not belong to this guitar.
  8. Rick

    Alright boys, what the hell we looking at here? (CL)

    OK I'm stumped here. What the hell is this? Doesn't look fake, but this can't be a real Custom. Some kind of GOTM or something? ----- Selling my personal guitar. Brand new strings. Its a fantastic guitar with...
  9. Rick

    Normal truss rod cavity?

    Doesn't look like a shim to me - at all. Maybe somebody glued that there to keep the screw from tearing out the wood? Notice how close the screw hole is to the cavity. Or, looking again.. The headstock veneer doesn't look right. Check out the left side of the pic. It looks out of alignment. Has...
  10. Rick

    Normal truss rod cavity?

    Has it had a headstock repair?
  11. Rick

    ALL USED Les Pauls Going Up 7-10%!

    Well, the taxes aren't new. It's state sales tax that has always been there. What's fairly "new" for some states is those states cracking down on online sales and requiring retailers collect the appropriate state sales tax. So, nothing really political about it. For most states, you have always...
  12. Rick

    So no one was asking for it........

    I'm pretty sure Gibson does't just cook these ideas up to sell to regular 'ol people. This was probably commissioned by GC or maybe made for some kind of trade show. People like to rag on these designs as "no one asked for it" but I'm betting someone with a lot of $$$ DID ask for it.
  13. Rick

    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    Hot take: Blueberry burst needs to die...
  14. Rick

    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    Are there different asymmetrical necks? I thought the asymmetrical necks were all the same?
  15. Rick

    Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay SOLD

    Free bump I have this pedal too and really like it!
  16. Rick

    2019 SG 61 reissues, are there two versions?

    There are two versions of 2019 Gibson guitars. After the management change, the re-launched the 2019 line and guitars are no longer labelled with the production year on the headstock (along with other changes).
  17. Rick

    2012 Gibson SG Diablo Premium Plus Iced Tea MINT

    Holy shit. That is a thing of beauty.
  18. Rick

    Real checking gallery

    Checking all over the neck of my 2014 Standard. And a Strat that I refinished:
  19. Rick

    Storing a Les Paul.

    A full step every month? So after a year your whole guitar will have curled back on itself?
  20. Rick

    Storing a Les Paul.

    Or not at all.... Pointless. Do you have a chart or something where you look up tunings vs. time spent in storage?

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