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  1. Niloy63

    Does lack of binding bother you?

    While my Studio is one of my favorite axes, I certainly do wish it had some binding on it. It adds that undeneniable 3rd dimension that my Standard and Custom have. But my Studio is a haus nonetheless. It’s just purely an aesthetic thing for me.
  2. Niloy63

    Ever Put Old Pickups in a New Les Paul?

    Glad to hear bro! I almost thought I was alone in the philosophy.
  3. Niloy63

    Classic Gibson Les Paul Albums?

    Aight, aight. Fo real fo real... Tool and Alice in Chains records (not sure if AIC counts since Cantrell uses LPs only on some tracks). Ozzy's records with Randy Rhoades'.
  4. Niloy63

    Classic Gibson Les Paul Albums?

    :beer:Nickelback, anyone? :rofl:
  5. Niloy63

    NGD: 2013 Traditional in Chicago Blue

    I remember the Ocean Blue. It was an awesome finish! Been a while since I've seen one though.
  6. Niloy63

    Aftermarket upgrades to modern hardware?

    @efstop speaks the truth! At least through that damned journey, I learned what parts I can live with (stock) and what is worth swapping out. The aftermarket world should help individualize the instrument for you and your rig with a purpose. I got lost a few times going down a road where I...
  7. Niloy63

    Finally got a Tele

    As much as I love that finish, if that had an ebony board, I'd be doing jumping jacks right now.
  8. Niloy63

    Aftermarket upgrades to modern hardware?

    Callaham, Faber, TonePros, and Gotoh make very reliable aftermarket bridges in the same vain as Gibson. I'm sure there are others, but when I was looking to upgrade the bridge on my '08 Standard, from my research I bumped into these four brands over and over again. I personally went with the...
  9. Niloy63

    NGD: 2013 Traditional in Chicago Blue

    That sounds pretty awesome. I'll be on the hunt this next weekend at all the cool guitar stores in town and see if anyone has one.
  10. Niloy63

    Traditional versus Standard

    Why no periods? lol I'm just joshin. Generally speaking, the Traditional has more traditional specs, while I've seen Standards come with both traditional and more modern specs. If you want a smaller neck, I would gravitate towards a Standard with the 60s slim taper neck. But be sure to...
  11. Niloy63

    Lets see your Studios

    I just realized I posted in this thread before. My apologies. @ivanvir It was a limited run 2011/2012 production model called the Studio Swirls. They came in four finishes, 200 were made in each finish... Silver Swirl Burst, Green Swirl Burst, Blue Swirl and Gold Swirl.
  12. Niloy63

    NGD: 2013 Traditional in Chicago Blue

    Congratulations! That's a stunning lookin guitar. From what I'm reading, I have to check out a Chicago Blue in person some time ASAP!
  13. Niloy63

    Lets see your Studios

    Studio Swirl in Black/Silver Seymour Duncan pickups (Custom SH-5 bridge, Pearly Gates neck, push/pull splits) MSSC wiring harness Babicz bridge/tailpiece Graphtech TUSQ XL nut Gotoh SGV510 Locking Tuners Sanded down neck Engraved TRC and p'up cover
  14. Niloy63

    Borrowed a Friend's Guitar: First Time Playing With P90s Today (w/ Pics)

    Very interesting. I've never played through a set of FilterTrons. Heard great things from people whose opinion I often relate to and trust. Out of sheer curiosity, I wonder if filtertron pickups fit into regular humbucker sized cavities. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. Niloy63

    NGD: Axcess Custom Figured Top, Bengal Burst

    I appreciate that! And good eye re: the Tele!! You’re spot on. It plays like butter to say the least. The oil rubbed RW neck is pure magic! Even more than the sound, the playability is top notch as you know. I made a few changes to perfect it for me. Put on locking tuners, swapped the saddles...
  16. Niloy63

    NGD Damaged Guitar - Thoughts?

    hahaha yea... I feel you. I'm a lot more keen on the details than I used to be when I bought my first guitar 15 years ago. That analogy with a Rolex works great in this scenario. Function and aesthetic should work hand in hand. Buying in the used market or off the shelf of a floor model...
  17. Niloy63

    Oiling a Gibson Torrified Granadillo fretboard - before and after

    I was there, too. While I didn't hate it, I wasn't drawn to it at all. But ever since I've been looking at the LP Classic Player Plus and a Martin DCPA4, I'm trying to get over it and see some upsides to the whole composite resin thing. Will I actively seek out Richlite? Probably not. lol...
  18. Niloy63

    NGD Damaged Guitar - Thoughts?

    With all due respect, it's plainly obvious that a $10,000 guitar should play like butter and sound incredible. Those should be the first two requirements. But it should also have a flawless finish as well. I'm not sure why you insist on labeling that as entitlement. If you get something new...
  19. Niloy63

    NGD 2017 Traditional Desert Burst

    It's stunning for sure. Glad to hear you bonded with it. I've seen that you're really good about stepping back from a guitar and selling it if you don't bond well with it. It's actually great. You end up with a meaningful collection that way. Sometimes, if I like the way the guitar looks...
  20. Niloy63

    NGD Damaged Guitar - Thoughts?

    A $10,000 guitar should be flawless finish wise. Period. He's not exactly buying a $1500 Studio off the shelf at a guitar store.

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