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  1. ARandall

    Is there any way to tell if a humbucker is A2 or A5?

    No Guaranteed way. Some pickups do indeed have info on labels.....either directly saying, or enabling research of the model on a makers website. But if its a special wind or a unique pickup, then the Guassmeter is your only hope.
  2. ARandall

    Soldering a neutrik angled jack help.

    5 seconds is about the right time. If you go for 2 seconds then you're going to have the temp on the 'too high to make a quality joint' even for larger areas. You'll simply destroy components if you use super high heat on smaller components. As mentioned in your first thread on the matter.....a...
  3. ARandall

    What did I do wrong? Bizarre Volume Knob Behavior

    Typically I'd say that was grounding. But your skill/joint quality is not indicating any poor work involved. You might just have a faulty pot where the wiper is travelling past the end of the track.....other than that I've got no logical theories.
  4. ARandall

    Does the back grain pattern have any affect on resonance, sustain, sound quality, etc?

    Agree.....wasn't sure who he/she was in context. In fact grain on the top wood is paramount.......but mainly as there is a tighrope to be walked re strength vs projection. In terms of energy.....its sort of one and the same. Tone is merely the balance of frequencies being sustained. As long as...
  5. ARandall

    Does the back grain pattern have any affect on resonance, sustain, sound quality, etc?

    ^^ Really, Demon Dave. Go to luthier related areas and its quite important. The result is the same.....'every bit of wood is individual and unique so how on earth are you going to make any judgement'.....but there you have people who have worked with way more wood than the average player. So...
  6. ARandall

    Does the back grain pattern have any affect on resonance, sustain, sound quality, etc?

    Ok, just so you know......there is ZERO way of telling what any part of a guitar is contributing to tone, sustain - or anything else. Absolutely. Zero. Falling for the marketing hype......or if we're charitable the 'poor application of logic and anecdotal evidence' is just what such...
  7. ARandall

    Will Grover 102s direct fit

    Grovers typically 'kind-of' fit the lower hole on a Kluson type tuner.....but the screw typically sits fractionally off plumb as I think the hole is just enough out to be annoying.
  8. ARandall

    NGD and some questions, TRC and pickups...?

    ^ Due to a lot of those threads having the photobucket fail aspect.
  9. ARandall

    Will Grover 102s direct fit

    Its not really the screw hole that is the key here at all. Its the fact Grovers require a 10mm (3/8") headstock drilling. A lot of the vintage tuner designs have 8.8mm or 11/32" holes. Best to take 1 tuner off the back and see what hole size you have before realising you have to ream out once...
  10. ARandall

    Neck vs Bridge radius

    I think most people starting off liking all sorts of measurements and doohickeys to test they've got it a checklist they can tick off so that every task has been done the way the textbook says. After a few dozen setups though so many of the steps are so much second nature you do...
  11. ARandall

    Seeking my first Les Paul bought in 1977

    Yeah, they filled out numbers seemingly in if they weren't an even 100 or so in the batch, the numbers they used skipped so the first one started at the next 100 (or 1000). So there were all these gaps in the ledgers. Then it got toward the start of the sticker era/Nashville...
  12. ARandall

    A long overdue silverburst build update

    Ok, Just started with some nice weather, and finally I've got hold of the new season's clear from the supplier. Whilst I've really got nothing done on the silverburst that you can see in a pic, I'm in the critically important stage of completely levelling every surface so the metallic doesn't...
  13. ARandall

    Neck vs Bridge radius

    Adding to the radius info, mostly the Stewmac nut setup tutorials show a slightly flatter slot radius than the neck one too.
  14. ARandall

    Mystery Gibson pickups from my '91 Explorer

    Yep, as you guessed.
  15. ARandall

    Best Way to Template Route Small Parts (e.g. Cavity Covers)?

    Yep, or a simple elevated platform for the router to bolt onto and a hole in it for the bit to poke through.
  16. ARandall

    NGD - 1997 R7/R8 Les Paul with quilt top in lemonburst

    Quilt is only ever used for special runs at Gibson AFAIK. I don't know of any regular RI that uses quilt.
  17. ARandall

    Mystery Gibson pickups from my '91 Explorer

    They'll be some combo of the numbered series. The K readings will tell you which precise ones they are.
  18. ARandall

    All Hog Customs...

    You'll get some minor changes with hardware material. Enough to take the edge off (or maintain) something if the balance is fractionally wrong. But if you're not getting anywhere with pickup changes.....well if a pickup has the possibility of a 50% change then by comparison hardware material...
  19. ARandall

    93 Les Paul Custom, what to do?

    93 is the typical modern specs.......mahogany and maple with 9 hole weight relief, ebony fretboard. Original pickups are 489T bridge and 490R neck pickups And there is no 'should' to the way any Gibson is supposed to sound. All forms of Les Paul have had everything from firebreathing to...
  20. ARandall

    Tropical/ocean blue maple finishing help!!

    Typically blue is fairly stable. Even with fairly low tolerance aniline dye of yesteryear, the blue part of the cherry red stayed about.....which gives some of those old bursts that slightly green tint when added to the yellow centre area (once the red fades away). But of course nothing is...

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