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  1. Eddie 70

    Kenny Wayne Sheppard-While We Cry (Lockdown Version)

    Dayum!! To me, this was awesome!
  2. Eddie 70

    Epiphone Dark Cherry Custom??

    This past Monday evening I was at a local Guitar League and while I was waiting I sort of was looking at the used guitars. I came across something that I liked and want to go back and take a closer look at. I know it was an Epiphone Les Paul. I think it was a Custom. It had the gold hardware...
  3. Eddie 70

    Alternative to iTunes

    I have been using iTunes for several years for my music and podcasts that I listen to. This has to be the worst piece of software ever invented. Everytime I launch iTunes it seems to slow my computer down to a crawl. There has to be something better. What are you guys using for your...
  4. Eddie 70

    Triads Lesson

    I came across this lesson the other day and found it to be very interesting. I had been moving the D shape up the neck for sometime but I had no idea it was called a triad. Anyway, some good information here for newer players like me. Enjoy!!
  5. Eddie 70

    Backing Tracks

    I stumbled across this website this weekend while hunting backing tracks. I googled "guitar blues backing tracks". It appears to be a pay webpage but, you can go to the Backing Tracks tab and play to the tracks to your hearts content, apparently. I am up to track 18 so far it just keeps letting...
  6. Eddie 70

    Mustang III Owners

    I have a Mustang I v1 that I bought when Best Buy was getting out of the instrument business a few years ago. Lately I have been thinking I want to step up to the Mustang III. I have no real reason to step up to that amp other than the extra features. I am a bedroom player/noodler/newbie. I like...
  7. Eddie 70

    New Home Insulation Questions

    We are building our retirement home, hopefully, and are to the insulation part of the build. We are in East Tennessee. All along I have been saying I wanted to have Closed Cell spray foam for the walls. I got the quote today with all the options. After reading more tonight I am beginning to...
  8. Eddie 70

    AC/DC Official Announcement

    AC/DC | News Rock Or Bust World Tour Continues With Axl Rose AC/DC'S ROCK OR BUST WORLD TOUR RESUMES WITH AXL ROSE ON VOCALS "AC/DC band members would like to thank Brian Johnson for his contributions and dedication to the band throughout the years. We wish him all the...
  9. Eddie 70

    Nashville Y & T Are Coming

    I bought my tickets this weekend. They are $15. You can't beat that for a great rock and roll show. The bad part is the show is on a Tuesday night. Seems like it is February 18th. I'm on my phone or I would post the link. Tomorrow night I'll add the links.
  10. Eddie 70

    Mastering Scales DVD Free For Guitar World Subscribers

    Did anyone else get the Free DVD in the new magazine that came a few weeks ago? It says on the rear cover of the DVD that there is a PDF file of what he is playing. I am not seeing the PDF file on the disc. Anyone else seen the pdf file? There are a few parts I would love to see written down.
  11. Eddie 70

    Buzzing Bridge in Tribute Plus

    My birthday is coming up and I need something that I can ask my son and daughter in law to get me. The bridge has been buzzing for quite a while in T+ and usually doesn't bother me unless I am setting on the couch running scales and such while watching TV. Can you guys give me some...
  12. Eddie 70

    How To Play Watchin You - Steve Stine Lesson

    Nice riffing in this song. Enjoy.
  13. Eddie 70

    Sammy Responds To Eddie Van Halen About Michael Anthony Maybe Eddie was remembering teaching Wolfgang and misspoke.
  14. Eddie 70

    Neil Schon's New Song "Lady M" Nice work. Not what I was expecting at all.
  15. Eddie 70

    Reducing Fret Hand Tension I came across this video today while surfing around. When I saw it I was immediately intrigued and had to watch to see if there was anything I could learn about myself. I know when I am playing I sometimes find myself trying to squeeze the neck in...
  16. Eddie 70

    HNGD 2011 Traditional

    It has been since last Sunday that I got it but today is the first time the sun has been out and then, I almost let it get dark before running out to take a few quick pics. 2011 Traditional, supposedly very few hours and original strings. The Plek sticker is still on the pickup.
  17. Eddie 70

    NGD 2011 Traditional

    It has been since last Sunday that I got it but today is the first time the sun has been out and then, I almost let it get dark before running out to take a few quick pics.
  18. Eddie 70

    Traditional Serial Numbers

    I am trying to get it all together when I go look at this 2011 Traditional. I have been reading the threads with fakes and have been watching the videos trying to learn to spot them. I went to and found this...
  19. Eddie 70

    Andertons Pedal Video

    Another Andertons Video that made me laugh. I am sure the pedal is fun for a bit but would probably get old quickly. It would be great to blow some friends mind though. :laugh2:
  20. Eddie 70

    Trade Thoughts Fender American Deluxe Strat for Gibson LP Traditional

    I have an offer to trade my 2013 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster for a 2011 Gibson LP Traditional Goldtop. My strat has probably 10 hours playtime on it. It still has the factory strings on it. The Gibson is supposedly in the same condition with factory strings. I know this is a Gibson...

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