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  1. Niloy63

    Borrowed a Friend's Guitar: First Time Playing With P90s Today (w/ Pics)

    Thanks to a few MLP members, I’ve been considering the idea of purchasing a P90 loaded guitar ( looking at a LP Classic Player Plus or an SG Special Faded). Until today, it's all been theoretical since I’ve never played them before. My buddy was kind of enough to lend me his ’98 Gibson Blues...
  2. Niloy63

    1990 Ibanez RG570, Original Edge Tremolo Arm is Loose

    I'm hoping you great folks at MLP can help me out with an issue. I busted out the '90 Ibanez RG570 (my first guitar ever) for the first time in a looooong while. Like the title says, the trem arm is looser than a... [insert inappropriate euphemism]. :facepalm: adolescent Niloy, always itchin'...
  3. Niloy63

    FS: TonePros TOM Bridge (Metric), Cosmo Black - $50 incl S/H

    $50 including shipping. It came stock on my Schecter Hellraiser which I had swapped out for a roller bridge. It's in very good condition.
  4. Niloy63

    ***SOLD*** FS: Gibson OEM Nashville TOM Bridge and Tailpiece, Chrome - $50 incl S/H

    ***SOLD*** $50 including shipping. They came out of a LP Studio. They're in excellent condition.
  5. Niloy63

    FS: DiMarzio and Ibanez 7-string Pickups - $60 Dimarzio/$30 Ibanez/$80 both

    Dimarzio Evolution 7 bridge pickup (Ceramic) in Black/Green in very good condition. $60 shipped Ibanez CAP-VK17 Neck pickup (Alnico 5) in Black in good condition. $30 shipped. If bought together, $80 shipped.
  6. Niloy63

    ***SOLD*** FS: Grover Rotomatic 3+3 Tuners in Black Nickel, 18:1 - $50 incl S/H

    ***SOLD*** 18:1 gear ratio. They came stock on my Schecter Hellraiser and I swapped them out for a locking set. They are in very good condition.
  7. Niloy63

    ***SOLD*** FS: Grover Rotomatic 3+3 Tuners in Chrome

    ***SOLD*** Grover Rotomatic Tuners in chrome - $40 including shipping. They came off an LP Studio about two weeks after receiving the guitar new. They're in excellent condition. The only reason I don't say "mint" condition is because in my eyes, a mint item is a product that was purchased...
  8. Niloy63

    ***SOLD*** FS: EMG 81TW (bridge) & 89 (neck)

    ***SOLD*** EMG 81TW and EMG 89 in excellent condition for $120 including shipping. They came stock on my Schecter 006 Hellraiser and I swapped them out for some passives.
  9. Niloy63

    NGD: Axcess Custom Figured Top, Bengal Burst

    Hey guys! I hope everyone's having a great day. I certainly am. It's a HNGD for me! I feel hella fortunate because it's my first Custom Shop made guitar. No joke... the craftsmanship is without a doubt in a league of its own. I love my Gibson USA axes (Studio Swirl and Standard...
  10. Niloy63

    NGD - 2016 Fender Am Std Tele w/ Rosewood Neck (Pics)

    Good evening fellow MLP members. I'm happy to announce that I have recently acquired my first Telecaster. A short backstory... When I was in college, I was always that guy who said, "I'll never own or give two s**ts about a Telecaster. I don't have the time or patience to deal with honk and...
  11. Niloy63

    NGD: '07 LP Standard Silverburst Ltd Ed

    Just picked up this used 2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Silverburst. It was a limited edition released by Guitar Center with an Ebony board. 400 pieces were released in 2007 with the bound crown inlayed headstock, and I believe 400 were released in 2008 with the classic unbound LP logo...
  12. Niloy63

    Babicz Bridge Installed on my LP Studio Swirl (w/ Pics)

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've posted! But now that I have something cool to share, I thought it would be worth your while. I just recently got a Babicz Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Stop Tail installed on my LP Studio Swirl. Here are my thoughts. I personally can't notice any changes to the...
  13. Niloy63

    NGD: PRS Custom 24

    I can't put this guitar down! It's my first PRS. The Specs: PRS Custom 24, MSL Limited Run Blue Charcoal Burst Korina Neck Flamed Maple Top Mahogany Body Ebony Fretboard 57/08 pickups
  14. Niloy63 Anyone heard of it before?

    Hi guys, While I perusing the net this last weekend, I found a rare modern made rectangular Les Paul case that I've been in the market for on this website: Gibson Les Paul Case Custom Rectangular When I did a Google search of the domain name to look for customer reviews, I couldn't find any...
  15. Niloy63

    Just got my LP back w/ Upgraded Electronics

    Finally got the electronics on my LP Silver Swirl Burst upgraded. ELECTRONICS Wiring Harness (from Matt @ Martin Six String Customs): ---500K Audio Taper Vol Pots ---500K Audio Taper PUSH/PULL Tone Pots ---0.022/400K Bridge Cap ---0.015/400K Neck Cap Pickups ---SD Custom bridge (coil split)...
  16. Niloy63

    Rectangular Gibson Les Paul Cases?

    Hey guys, I was running around ebay looking for stuff, and I ran across this rectangular Gibson Les Paul case: I've never seen a rectangular Gibson Case before, other than a couple classic cases from the 60s. Is this a genuine Gibson product? I tried browsing the net for more...
  17. Niloy63

    Some Help, Please: Upgrading to Coil Split/Push-Pull Pots

    Hi guys, I'm getting new pups for my LP (Duncan Custom/Pearly Gates) and I'm looking to coil split them. Since I'm such an amateur at modifying a guitar, I got lost in trying to figure out what pots to get. I'd be grateful for your collective advise. Here's my stock setup: 300k Linear...
  18. Niloy63

    Help w/ Pickups? Modern Gibsons have wider bridge (SD Humbucker or Trembucker)?

    So I just found out that many modern day Gibsons have a wider spaced bridge pickups than the neck due to the TOM bridges (498T = 2 1/16" pole spacing; 490R = 1 15/16" pole spacing). Apparently, this is similar, but not the same as F-spaced. The Duncan site suggests string spacing >50mm is...
  19. Niloy63

    College Recordings from a Couple Years Back (Decent Sound Quality)

    Hi guys, Just sharing a few [of many] demos I recorded from my ghetto-rigged bedroom "studio" (if you can call it that). I was fortunate enough to get decent sound quality out of it. As far as the playing goes... now that's a different story. lol I know I have a long ways to go on the...
  20. Niloy63

    Just got a Gibson Les Paul Studio Swirl (Black/Silver): PICS

    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to the forum. I recently bought a Studio Swirl. I thought I'd share some [what I believe to be] cool pictures. Mod's: I've only replaced the stock Grover tuners (14:1) with a set of Gotoh SGV-510Z-L5 (21:1). They were a drop-in replacement, thank goodness. They're...

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