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    Murphy News

  2. jwehrman

    Vintage Wiring: Major Difference?

    Apologies if this has been posted to death, but does vintage wiring make a difference in the tone of a pickup? I've come across a pair of super pricey pickups that are made 1955 Belden wire, hence the upcharge. Any thoughts?
  3. jwehrman

    Stanley Burst Match

    Bored during the lockdown. I picked this WW Murphy painted and aged last year. Lately it's struck me how much the flame matches the Stanley burst on the cover. Anyhoots, back to looking for Jesus in my cornflakes
  4. jwehrman

    2020 Reissue at HOG

    A bit of free advertising for HOG here. Apparently this is one of the first 2020 models. It's posted on their Facebook page. I called HOG about the specs, and surprise surprise, it SEEMS (and I emphasize this), based on what I was told, nothing has changed from last year's specs. Still, not a...
  5. jwehrman

    NGD!!!! 1963 ES-335 Sunburst Reissue (2017)

    It's here!!! My 1963 ES-335 Reissue (2017)!!! I’ve named it Miles. I don't have pics yet. I EFFING LOVE THIS DAMN THING!!!!!! IT IS PERFECT!!!!! I’m not an ES-335 expert, but I started to fall in love with these a year ago. I opted for a sunburst color, as the cherry and the others have never...
  6. jwehrman

    2015 ES-335 1963 reissue vs. 2017 ES-335 1963 reissue

    Pleeeease do not roast me for asking this. I have searched high and low for a similar thread, but no luck. Which is better of the two reissues (2017) 1963 ES or (2015) 1963 ES? I humbly submit any and all opinions. Thank you for your patience in advance.
  7. jwehrman

    New Pedal: Strymon Flint

    I just got a Strymon Flint and Holllleeeeey $hit this thing rocks!!!!!!!! I was using a Hall of Fame 2 prior. I had it for about a year, but it was starting to sound a bit shrill and aggressive on one of my LP's. Granted I play through a '57 deluxe reissue - but still. I was ready to switch out...
  8. jwehrman

    My Second Sip of Beer: Playing a Real '59

    I got to play a real ’59 burst this weekend and I am ruined as they say. This was my second time playing a burst. The first was on a ’60, which I posted video of. I tried to take a video of the ’59, but the store would not let me – for good/obvious reasons. All I can say is...
  9. jwehrman

    Humidty and Tube Amp

    Possible silly question, but can humidity and heat cause an amp to sound muddier? I have a '57 Deluxe reissue. I know it's a naturally darker amp, etc. But it has sounded a bit muddier since the humidity/temp went up.
  10. jwehrman

    Rumble Seat Music '59 Prototype (video)

    I'm not sure how many folk may or may not know about this, but this is interesting. RSM is doing a run of 5 guitars that are their mark on the '59. It has all the bells and whistles as far as TH specs, Brazilian, and aging. Price starts at $12K. If anyone has anymore info, please share.
  11. jwehrman

    NGD!! 2017 Murphy Painted and Aged LP

    This just flew in the mail yesterday! First off, I have to say this thing is an effing masterpiece. Holy God, this has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. To be honest, I was insanely terrified I made a huge mistake when I accepted the offer on Reverb. I sold off my painted...
  12. jwehrman

    Wildwood Spec Pickups vs. Throbaks (other, etc.)

    I promise I searched high and low on this question before posting another pickup thread. I'm curious, are there any other boutique pick ups that have the same vibe as the underwound WW pickups? WW pickups are rarely for sale, but I was wondering if any of the other boutique pickups (i.e...
  13. jwehrman

    NGD!!!!! WW Murphy Painted and Aged Lemon (Pics Included)

    I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, that was the quickest and scariest decision I've made. Holy effs, what can I say!?!? This thing, like the other I have in my profile pic, is a straight masterpiece. Simply stunning on every level. Ever since I got the other from HOG, I could not help but feel the fix...
  14. jwehrman

    Trade Advice

    Silly thread, but interested in feedback. I have the opportinity to trade my CC Reeder for a WW spec Murphy painted and aged. Is this a smart trade? I understand only I can really know that, but just curious on thoughts if it's practical in terms of quality upgrade. Price wise they're offering a...
  15. jwehrman

    Help: Tube amp issue

    I recently took in my 57 Fender Custom Deluxe to have the rectifier tube replaced. I got it home and it started crackling and making a loud hum after 20 minutes of playing. It crackles and the sound suddenly becomes fizzy and peters out, like the amp is coughing. I tested the cables and it...
  16. jwehrman

    Murphy WW Lemon

    Did anyone on here buy one of the Wildwood Murphy Lemon bursts? I'm curious about the color in natural, home lighting. I'm having a hard time guaging from the online pics and videos. If anyone has any pics to share that'd be super helpful. Thanks!
  17. jwehrman

    Update #3 NGD - Murphy '59 from HOG (More pics!!!!!)

    I posted about this earlier. I've bitten the bullet and have ponied up my '16 TH for this sweet Murphy from HOG!!! It's an unaged, brand new Murphy painted '59. For me, this is the smartest move in the long run. HOG gave me a ridiculous deal I would likely not get anywhere else. I didn't have...
  18. jwehrman

    Turnover Question

    I have my eye on a sweet Murphy painted LP. To do it, I'd have to pony up my TH '16 and then some - not too much but enough. I love my TH, but there's little quirks that make me wonder if the grass is greener. The Murphy is lighter in weight and the color seems to be more to my liking. I know...
  19. jwehrman

    My First Sip of Beer (Video Included)

    I say first sip of beer, because I got my first chance to play on a real burst. It was a '60. I've only gotten back into LP's hardcore in the past couple years. I've been endlessly curious about what a real one sounds like given all the lore. Here are my thoughts: 1. I was not as overwhelmed...
  20. jwehrman

    Pickup Question

    Hey everyone, I've posted about my new Fender Custom Deluxe amp that I dig very much. One of my LP's has custom buckers (I believe) with the covers on. I've noticed it sounds a bit muddier now than with Bassman. The bridge sounds really bright, and the middle gets muddy and the neck isn't that...

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