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  1. jwehrman

    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    Good God almighty....
  2. jwehrman

    Wildwood Spec by Tom Murphy

    Here's the lemon.
  3. jwehrman

    Wildwood Spec by Tom Murphy

    FWIW, I am very lucky to have technically two of them. The first is from the 2017 Painted and Aged Murphy run for WW. It's technically a WW spec, as I replaced the pickups with a pair of Wildwoods. The lemon is a full-on 2018 WW spec Murphy Aged/Painted. The Wildwood spec pickups are what give...
  4. jwehrman

    CC#1 Historic Makeovers Greeny Conversion

    Also, I've always wondered why more people, who can spare the extra cash, spend gobs of money on the Page/Pearly/Greeny reissues rather than doing what you did ‍♂️ It's nearly 1/3 of the cost (in some cases), and arguably a better product in terms of more bells and whistles.
  5. jwehrman

    CC#1 Historic Makeovers Greeny Conversion

  6. jwehrman

    Murphy News

  7. jwehrman

    So no more Brazilian from Gibson??

    CME had a dozen or so a month ago, and then poof...‍
  8. jwehrman

    Vintage Wiring: Major Difference?

    Apologies if this has been posted to death, but does vintage wiring make a difference in the tone of a pickup? I've come across a pair of super pricey pickups that are made 1955 Belden wire, hence the upcharge. Any thoughts?
  9. jwehrman

    Stanley Burst Match

    I got lucky for sure. It popped up on my local dealer's site used. I nearly bought it sight unseen on looks alone. The flame pattern is a bit unusual from the reissues I've seen over the past few years. I'm a sucker for the wild, curly, unconventional flames.
  10. jwehrman

    Stanley Burst Match

    Bored during the lockdown. I picked this WW Murphy painted and aged last year. Lately it's struck me how much the flame matches the Stanley burst on the cover. Anyhoots, back to looking for Jesus in my cornflakes
  11. jwehrman

    not so NGD 60th anniversary r9 - green lemon

    That was flawless!!!!
  12. jwehrman

    Found one like the one that got away.

    I've had a total of 5 R9's thus far. The first two were a '59 2016 TH and a Reeder Burst (CC). The third was a Murphy painted (only). Both were traded for a pair of WW Murphy Painted & Aged - which aren't going anywhere - ever. The '16 TH was a great starter. But there were things I was never...
  13. jwehrman

    How Do You Treat Your Les Pauls?

    First I treat them to a night on the town with the finest of steak, perhaps a bottle of wine by candlelight. After things have loosened up a bit, perhaps a nice stroll by the like - weather permitting. Then we head back to my place. I offer a cup of coffee to take the edge off. I take my time...
  14. jwehrman

    Reverb Listing - WTF?

    I think it was touched by Page by accident. Case closed.
  15. jwehrman

    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    Damn, ahhahahhahahah. Like I said, I have 2, and I recently picked up an ES. Making sure they all get played equally is challenging enough. But the ES is a good rando to spice things up when I'm craving a different tone and feel.
  16. jwehrman

    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    I have 2, and that seems to be the right number for me. They both foil one another in terms of looks, sound, and feel. One is brash and feisty, and the other is softer and more delicate. I wouldn't turn down a third, but I don't think all of them would get the same TLC. One would go without. A...
  17. jwehrman

    What This Section Needs...

    I'll play :) '17 Murphy painted/aged
  18. jwehrman

    2020 Reissue at HOG

    A bit of free advertising for HOG here. Apparently this is one of the first 2020 models. It's posted on their Facebook page. I called HOG about the specs, and surprise surprise, it SEEMS (and I emphasize this), based on what I was told, nothing has changed from last year's specs. Still, not a...
  19. jwehrman

    New Gibson Slash Models 2020 or more of the old models.

    That Slash top hat ruined the Goldtop for me. A Norlin reissue for $3K? Nope. As for the November Burst, they're not even trying. It's as if the Custom Shop guys were given the okay to drain the overflow of black dye with a hose.
  20. jwehrman

    My Second Sip of Beer: Playing a Real '59

    By that logic, only real beer gulping guitar players are millionaires and billionaires. The rest of us are just sippers!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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