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  1. Leumas

    Alex Van Halen is WAY underrated.

    he also steered a boat with his penis. I will always go with the guy who can steer with his penis.
  2. Leumas

    Alex Van Halen is WAY underrated.

    exactly. You can say that about all the originals from John Lee Hooker to Queen to Lightnin’ Hopkins to the Beatles to anyone who writes at all. If it ain’t yours it ain’t nothing.
  3. Leumas

    Alex Van Halen is WAY underrated.

    Holy fuck:shock:
  4. Leumas

    Incoming NGD r6 gamble

    Hot damn! I wish I saw that deal before you!!! Congrats!
  5. Leumas

    Anyone Still Using CDs?

    My Cd collection stops fast at about 2014. It’s like a time capsule. I have a couple old cars that have no connectivity so I use them for that. Other than that Apple Music has me covered. once in a while I’ll buy a few on vacation for like a buck apiece and that will be the trip soundtrack...
  6. Leumas

    I almost feel bad for liking it this much...

    That’s a killer studio!
  7. Leumas

    Finished my taxes today, or i should say my acct did.

    I’m a salary man. I do pretty well for my neck of the woods, but I don’t get back nearly what I used to. Made bank on a house sale though, so that really made the year.
  8. Leumas

    Trying to make myself love a Strat

    I have an American Standard Strat that I am still trying to make right. The fucking thing just will not be what I want it to be. First I replaced the bridge pup with a Seymour Duncan little 59. Then I got sick of that and swapped it back to the original and swapped the pickguard. Then I fucked...
  9. Leumas

    This year's additions (so far)

    Steinberger? What’s next, a key-tar?! Love that tele. What’s up with the plastic?
  10. Leumas

    Identify my guitar

    Yup. It’s a guitar.
  11. Leumas

    Church burglarized - My guitars were stolen.

    Seriously though, that just plain sucks. I hope you get some justice on this one.
  12. Leumas

    Church burglarized - My guitars were stolen.

    This town is nothin’ but horse thieves and loose women anymore. I’m really tired of the horse thieves.
  13. Leumas

    Jack White on SNL

    I had zero interest in JW when he was the white stripes. I thought he was overrated and hack-ey. Then I heard his solo albums and they...especially Blunderbuss, are my favorite music of the last decade.
  14. Leumas

    Alex Van Halen is WAY underrated.

    I think my point was made when people jumped in and started naming a bunch of other guys who were better. Of course nobody is going to argue that Neal Peart isn’t the pinnacle of rock and roll drumming. I just meant that when people talk about the all time greats Alex never gets mentioned, and...
  15. Leumas

    Alex Van Halen is WAY underrated.

    In the last week, getting reacquainted with the VH catalog, one thing that has stuck out to me is that for as much as Eddie is THE master of the electric guitar, Alex’s drums rival anything I’ve ever heard. I’ve always been quiet about my love for Eddie, but the last week has really busted me...
  16. Leumas

    Women Who Rock Concert Series: Celisse

    You all can think what you want, when I saw Alabama Shakes headline a seaside concert and hold tens of thousands of people in the palm of their hand they were most certainly rock.
  17. Leumas

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Studio Custom

    im not saying it was original fretless wonder, I’m saying the frets were very low and flat on the guitar.
  18. Leumas

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Studio Custom

    Mine was a “fretless wonder” which I just couldn’t get along with. The tone and feel was wonderful.
  19. Leumas

    Whatever happened to River?

    Fuck off you old ass chomper.

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