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    Antique Natural vs Trans Amber

    What is the finish difference between the les paul Limited Edition "Antique Natural" and Trans Amber?? Both are plus top pro models. Hell, I can't seem to see the difference, maybe my eyes ain't what they use to be. :D
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    Slash Rosso Corsa at MF

    I see MF has the new epi Slash-a-roo les paul. $899 is a bit steep, I wish they'd bring back the '59 std LP instead :dude: any buyers??? Epiphone Slash "Rosso Corsa" Les Paul Standard Outfit Electric Guitar Racing Red | Musician's Friend slash les Paul&index=2
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    So the Chinese Have a copy of the F35 Fighter

    Brought to you by the same folks who produce Chibsons... does anyone see the functional issues here ? :D :D :D :D
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    Bachman Turner Aug 30 2014

    For those who rocked out with them as BTO in the 70's, Bachman and Turner still got it. I think they are in their early 70s now (dem crazy canadiens) but they still rocked the house at the Cannery in Las Vegas and sounded every bit as good as when I saw them as BTO in 1976. Still very cool...
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    Chinese automaker blatantly copies Ford F-150

    Great, now I can get a Chord to go along with a Chibson :D
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    Friday Question

    What happens if you get scared half to death twice ? :D
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    Light Orbs In A Digital Photo

    Tooks some pics over Xmas of my hounds tearing up wrapping paper and having fun. In the pics, the dogs have a distict white light orb near them, the other photos of people do not. Same place same camera, seconds apart. I though nothing of it. Meh...dust on the lens. My co worker thinks...
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    Veterans Day Sales

    Anybody seen any % off coupons or discount codes from the big chain stores for veterans day sales? I think last year MF had a few out. Haven't seen any this year, possibly too close to black friday sales ??/ :hmm:
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    It's Gonna Be This Kind of Day Today

    Man, I gotta get my arse in gear!! :D First Drink Of The Day by 7 Seconds Of Love - YouTube
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    So I Got a New Epi

    Not an LP but an es 339 pro in ebony. Nicely built, very nice looking, fresh out the box, the E fell off the pickguard as soon as I unwrapped it :D. And set up? Ha! The neck was bowed so bad I can take this axe to the archery range. Big let down from SW. Cranked on the truss rod to get it...
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    Real Life "Snuffy" the Seal

    As soon as I saw this I thought of "snuffy the seal" the shark week advertisement and the reporter.... luckily no shark involved with this little guy :D Little girl on paddle board saves baby seal - Video on
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    Joe Knows Guitars

    Some cool guitar maint video from Joe Walsh Gibson Guitar Tutorial: Joe Walsh - Guitar Setup (Part 1 of 6) - YouTube
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    "Move 'em on, head 'em up, Head 'em up, move 'em out, Move 'em on, head 'em out Rawhide! Set 'em out, ride 'em in Ride 'em in, let 'em out, Cut 'em out, ride 'em in Rawwwwwwwhide whatcheeew" (whip sound efffect) :D Rawhide marathon on AMC ...classic cowboy with Clint as a...
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    FireHouse Sub Shop

    Ever try em'? I just scarffed a 6" I-talian combo. Meh, I prefer the mom and pops places especially in the northeast...... this is just what I expected from a chain store...ughhhh I think I may regret this...................... belch!!!! :D.
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    Sequester: The Reality

    Heck , it's friday..lighten up USAF!!!! :D
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    Calamari Anyone???

    Doh!!!!!! Food fraud in America: What are you really eating? - Yahoo!
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    These Shows Have Jumped The Shark!!!

    Freakin-A, Pawn Stars and American Pickers... WTF.... is that all the History channel can come up with? What part of History is this???? daym, I was sidelined by the flu this past week and this crapola seemed to be on non stop ... well at least it wasn't American Chopper, but these guys are...
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    Vegas Strip Shooting

    This is gettin' crazy! Woke this morning to news of a shootout on the Strip. I was just down at that same intersection yesterday at 3pm. As I got off at my exit, I saw some guy behind me going too fast and roll his pickup at the end of the exit curve. Thank God I made it out of the city...
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    HNGD!! Fender Squier VM 70s Strat

    Just picked up a fender squier VM 70's strat. The fit and finish are quite good and the neck/frets are really nice. Pups sound killer, but a dimarzio tone zone already went in the bridge. Quality is right up there with the CV line. This is a very nice strat... I've had mim's that weren't this...
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    Budokan Tuners

    Anyone else having issues with these? Changed out the strings yesterday and noticed a lot of play in the tuners. I tightened up the buttons thinking that was the cause. Didn't help. The tuners on my ace tribute are much more tighter than on the budokan. :hmm:

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