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  1. mrfett

    “We’re not selling cars.” No More Model Years!

    i’m watching NAMM coverage on YouTube and I just gotta share how impressed I am by the simple fact that Gibson seems to now be run by people who love guitars. These new models are the “core” line and they’re going to remain the same (Les Paul 50s & 60s, Specials and Jrs, SGs with maestro...
  2. mrfett

    FS: 1975 Gibson Flying V (2nd Reissue) Natural Finish w/OHSC - All Original, No Breaks - Video Demo!

    Up for sale is a 1975 Gibson Flying V (2nd Reissue) in Natural Finish. All original, no breaks. The original tuners are in the case and an aged set of Kluson reproduction tuners are on the guitar. No other modifications, the old tuners can go back on easily and there were no extra holes drilled...
  3. mrfett

    FS: 2011 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut VOS in TV White w/OHSC - Video Demo!

    Up for sale is an excellent condition 2011 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut VOS in TV White finish. The pickup is a Wolfetone Meaner P-90 and it is wired 50s style with a Russian .022 Paper in Oil Capacitor, Mojotone Vintage Taper Volume pot and 250k Audio Taper Tone pot. Frets...
  4. mrfett

    Recorded "Little Wing" Last Night

    did this Hendrix cover last night, was feeling a bit melancholy I s'pose. Played it on my Teye Super Coyote.
  5. mrfett

    Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Reissue Slow Iced Tea Fade VOS PSL w/OHSC - Video Demo!

    $3,350 shipped/PayPal FIRM (CONUS) Please no trades. Up for sale is my 2016 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Reissue Slow Iced Tea Fade VOS PSL in Very Good Condition. This guitar was from the first batch of "Slow Iced Tea Fade" Les Pauls that Chicago Music Exchange did. You can see this...
  6. mrfett

    Gibson Custom EDS-1275 Mid-60s - Almost a Page Signature!

    Hey, has anyone seen these doublenecks in person or on the net? Gibson Custom seems to have made a bunch of mahogany necked, bigger 12-string headstock, nickel hardware EDS-1275s that have all the Jimmy Page features except the tailpiece isn't back where a Bigsby should go...
  7. mrfett

    New CCs with White Stickers: Leftovers?

    Hey I'm wondering if any of you guys have seen some of the newer Custom Shop specimens that have been released, and if anyone cares to guess what their provenance is? The CC line is supposedly done, right? What do you all make of this CC#30 Gabby with the newest iteration of the Custom Shop's...
  8. mrfett

    My First Historic Makeover

    ok so i've been pretty skeptical of this kind of thing but the truth is i've wanted a beat-up goldtop for a long time, and there ain't no way i'm shelling out $12-$15K for a '68 with thick cutaway binding lol. i love my 2010 R6, it was my first Les Paul and it sounds just killer. not a...
  9. mrfett

    2017 Gibson Custom Shop: Modern Double Cut Standard Henry's Replacement for Reissue Les Pauls?

    so now that there is a 2017 Gibson Custom lineup listed, it seems that the new flagship Custom Shop model is the Modern Double Cut Standard. Solid mahogany body, carved top, maple cap, rosewood board, bound top and neck, simplified controls, traditional headstock. No need for obsessive "vintage...
  10. mrfett

    Gold Early Patent No. Sticker Help

    My ES-345 came with a set of gold early patent no. sticker pickups from a '65 ES-345. They were wired out of phase. I opened one up to flip the magnet and took some pictures. Can anyone help me more accurately identify the features? This page on talk about the history of PAFs and...
  11. mrfett

    WTB: Aged Custom Shop Reissue Case - $350

    Looking to grab one of the aged cases that are shipping with all these new Aged Standard and True Historics. I PP you $350, you send the case to MD 20901. hit me up!
  12. mrfett

    FS: 1982 Gibson Firebird II Artist CMT in Sunburst w/ Moog Active Electronics, OHSC Listing: RARE 1982 Gibson Firebird II Artist CMT in Sunburst w/ Moog Active Electronics, OHSC - Video Demo RD $3,400 Shipped/PP'd in CONUS FIRM. No trades please. If you're outside CONUS send a message if you're interested. Up for sale is a 1982 Gibson Firebird Artist CMT in...
  13. mrfett

    SOLD: 2015 Tan Case

    Looking to trade a nice 2015 historic LP case + $100 for one of the aged ones that have been shipping with the aged Reissue 2016 models. The one I'm looking to trade: Note the nice double neck rest, unlike the newer ones that aren't quite as safe. No odors. More pics here. Thanks!
  14. mrfett

    Post-2013 R7-R0 LP Standards: Who makes the Klusons?

    Hey just a silly question about something kinda dumb but I was looking at tuners and got confused so maybe someone can help. WD Music's site lists the Klusons they sell as having a 15:1 ratio: But Gibson says their tuners are 12:1...
  15. mrfett

    FS: 1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom Transparent White Limited Colours Edition w/ OHSC

    $3,000 shipped/PayPal'd in CONUS. No trades. Up for sale is a rare 1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Transparent White. This is from a run of guitars called the "Limited Colours Edition". Gibson made 6 different transparent colors, 200 of each, one color each month for six months from July to...
  16. mrfett

    1957 Les Paul Custom Reissue Discussion

    I've been itching to get another black Custom so I've been looking at reissues and can't help wondering how Gibson gets away with so many flagrant deviations from the aesthetics of the original models. It doesn't bother anyone? The two big issues right off the bat are the tuners and the inlays...
  17. mrfett

    NGD: 1981 Les Paul Custom Silverburst - All Original

    Oops... I did it again... :dude: Early 80s Les Paul Custom (Feb. 1981 (NOT 1980 sorry for the earlier typo)). Appears to be all original. Shaw pickups, low early 80s frets, untouched solder joints. It has standard strap buttons in the case (which appear to be original), not the posi-lock...
  18. mrfett

    FS: Wilson Effects 12 Position Vintage Spec Rippah Q-Wah in Original Box

    $160 PP'd/Shipped CONUS Up for sale is a used Wilson Effects 12 Position Vintage Spec Rippah Q-Wah in very good condition. It has a couple of scratches on it that can be seen in the pictures. The video is of this actual unit for sale and demonstrates it's working perfectly. Comes in original...
  19. mrfett

    $1,100,000 1958 Explorer. SOLD!

    Denmark Street Guitars '58 Gibson Explorer Breaks a "Most Expensive Guitar" Record
  20. mrfett

    FS: PARTS Duncan, BG-Pups, Faber, ES-335 Harness, Stacked Knobs, Straplocks...

    OK here's a bunch of stuff I've had laying around that I'd like to sell to you fine folks. All prices are FIRM and include PP/Shipping to CONUS, please NO TRADES :slash: If the listing is still up and there's no post on the bottom listing something as SOLD then the item is still for sale, send...

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