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  1. indeedido

    Anyone ordered from Creamtone in the last week?

    I'm ok with delays but only with communication. When guys go dark and pull a Lumpy's Tone Shop i dont have patience for that. Just tell me something!
  2. indeedido

    NGD 1991 Gibson les Paul classic bullion

    All gold!!! I love it!
  3. indeedido

    Why would you choose a 1968 reissue vs a 1950s reissue?

    I didn't know my 2018 50th Anniversary 68 Reissue was a unicorn. Mine weighs 8lbs 14oz. I sold my '71 LPC for it because I needed a bigger neck. I love this guitar but not the pickups. I put some custombuckers in it.
  4. indeedido

    My New Ace Frehley 59 TH

    Nice top indeed!
  5. indeedido

    Gibson Custom Shop Ace Frehley ‘59 Burst VOS R9 True Historic 1959 Limited Edition

    Inside pics to show the flame burns on indoors.
  6. indeedido

    68 Custombuckers vs regular Custombuckers

    Mine weighs 7.5 lbs which shocked me when I bought it. The neck profile is close to an R9, just a tad smaller but still fills the hand. I sold my '71 Les Paul Custom to get it because thin necks started to hurt my hand. A tad more shoulder than my R9 but still really comfy.
  7. indeedido

    68 Custombuckers vs regular Custombuckers

    I love ebony boards, so there's that. The pickups definitely sound different. I can't say whether you will like the pickups or not. If you don't like ebony, that might be your answer. I love the guitar. The pickups are very tight, not a lot of low end. But I'm playing classic rock which doesn't...

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