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  1. Leumas

    Alex Van Halen is WAY underrated.

    In the last week, getting reacquainted with the VH catalog, one thing that has stuck out to me is that for as much as Eddie is THE master of the electric guitar, Alex’s drums rival anything I’ve ever heard. I’ve always been quiet about my love for Eddie, but the last week has really busted me...
  2. Leumas

    He tested positive...

    ...for sweet, sweet LP tonez!
  3. Leumas

    The presidential debate

    I know that lump was what really put them on the map, but I feel that peaches is a more substantial work. Discuss.
  4. Leumas

    Owls in flight. WTF.

    Anybody seen this yet? Beautiful body...neck looks like shit. I don't even want to know the price tag.
  5. Leumas

    Any Myrtle Beach area MLP'ers here?

    In the next couple of years I will more than likely be southbound and I was wondering what the music scene was like down that way. There seems to be no shortage of live bands from all the time I've spent down there.
  6. Leumas

    New toys incoming!

    The sale of a Les Paul a couple of months ago gave me some pocket money to play around with. In the next month I will find the following items on my doorstep... Yippee! I will post reviews as they come in!
  7. Leumas

    Why does Rickenbacker withold pricing?

    For as long as I've been looking at guitars Ric never publishes their prices, and they seem like the only company to do so. Any idea why?
  8. Leumas

    I'm a month sober for the first time since my dad died.

    Feels good. This isn't a recovery thread. I still plan on smoking a little green here and there and having a few drinks during social occasions, but especially since the lockdowns the covid slide was really starting to take hold. Two glasses of wine turned into 4. 4 glasses turned into 7. So on...
  9. Leumas

    Thoughts on 61 R&T pickups?

    I've been giving the 60's standard a workout and I'm having a hard time getting to know these pickups. They sound ok individually, but it seems like there's a big output difference between the neck and bridge pickup. I've tried adjusting heights to minimize the difference but it doesn't seem to...
  10. Leumas

    What is the best guitar shop you've ever been to selection-wise?

    I'd love to know. I try and hit every guitar shop everywhere I go. I've never been to one like the LA Guitar Center or Chicago Music Exchange where they seem to have limitless quantities of everything. Where have you been blown away by the options?
  11. Leumas

    Damn. Missed it.

    Brian Setzer did a reverb dump and I know these things usually get bought out in minutes but man I would love to have had a shot at this... I've seen him play this very guitar the last 8 times I've been to the Christmas show and it's always the one I lust after.
  12. Leumas

    Just spent a bunch of money finally. New toys incoming.

    The last post I made was rather downtrodden, and I thank each and every one of you that took the time to reply and chat. I've shaken most of the funk off and decided to blow my fun money. First, I asked my friend that works at Martin to get me the friends and family deal on a new streetmaster...
  13. Leumas

    Why is the DG-355 so limited?

    Seems to me Dave Grohl is one of the highest profile Gibson players of the last decade...and he just happens to front arguably the biggest current rock and roll band on the planet. I love the Trini Lopez-ification of his signature guitar with the firebird headstock and the diamond holes. Is it...
  14. Leumas

    I've lost my inspiration

    I hate to say it, but I haven't touched a guitar in months. I look at them hanging on the wall and just walk right by. I haven't played with my band for months. We have an outdoor gig scheduled for July that we can do, which I'm looking forward to, but I'm in such a rut I can't stand it. I even...
  15. Leumas

    I'm getting the shake-down!!!

    I'm copying this from my facebook, but long story short Hollywood wants me to pay if I want to play John Wayne movies for your grandpa in the dining room of my facility! Shady fucks.
  16. Leumas

    Strat help...bridge pickup position weak and scratchy

    I have an American standard strat that I tinker with. A while back I reinstalled the stock bridge pickup from an SD that I had swapped in. Since then the bridge position has been wonky at best and very thin output. I’ve tried two other pickups with all the same results. What’s next to look at...
  17. Leumas

    Another sad dog thread

    My best friend left this world tonight. He was the best dog anyone could ever expect to have. Mr. Zig was one of the many, many wonderful animals that have graced most of our lives at some point.
  18. Leumas

    Rocky Strat. Wow.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a while. 23,000 POUNDS ($30k US) for a re-issue of what is, in my opinion, the least desireable Beatle guitar. As big of a Beatle nerd as I am, I have never liked the Rocky strat. It's what you get when you're stoned for 4 years straight and decide...
  19. Leumas

    Found a bunch of old MLP stuff

    I opened up my old computer last night and found a ton of photoshops that I did over the years for this place, and another place. What a trip down memory lane. I miss Darby. (LPCollector)
  20. Leumas

    Are we doing greatest hits around here?

    I’ve been getting notifications from some wild threads that happened years ago. Back when I was a younger, prettier asshole. :laugh2:

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