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  1. lewis_grey

    57 Les Paul Special Authentication Help

    The guitar looks right to me but that serial number is definitely wrong, had to have been re-done. Not necessarily a huge deal on it’s own but ‘why’ it’s been done could have larger implications! I’d be seriously looking for signs of repair around there and want a pretty decent discount even if...
  2. lewis_grey

    Barrie Cadogan Plays a 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    Possibly my favourite Burst demo ever!
  3. lewis_grey

    Monty's PAF Humbuckers Aged Nickel **SOLD**

    One of my absolute favourites out of trying many of the popular boutique PAF sets, they do that ‘Big Tele’ thing better than just about anything to my ears....loads of bite and almost P90ish mojo. Not sure why they aren’t raved about more! GLWS!!
  4. lewis_grey

    My Hand made Les Paul Goldtop 50s Replica

    Got it around 18 months ago, haven’t played any of the other top replicas but played some real old 50’s ones and this is up there with them! Love it, although my ‘56 Special is still my overall favourite guitar as I’m a P90 guy deep down... Just been trying a bunch of pickups in my Stig lately...
  5. lewis_grey

    My Hand made Les Paul Goldtop 50s Replica

    Nice! I love my Stig, some say they are the best the world.
  6. lewis_grey

    NVGD: 1955 Les Paul Special

    HNGD! Old P90’s + Old lightweight slab mahogany body = perfection in my totally unbiased opinion...
  7. lewis_grey


    I’m sure this has been posted before but this is by far my favourite Burst demo....Just the guitar plugged straight into a simple amp and a really tasteful player exploring the sounds. Pure brilliance.
  8. lewis_grey

    1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop guitar factory converted in 1960 to "Burst." Photo intense!!!

    What a cool find! Be interested to know if that makes it more or less valuable than if it was totally original...certainly if it had been converted to PAF’s at the same time you’d imagine it would be worth quite a bit more than a standard 53.
  9. lewis_grey

    FS UK: Gibson Les Paul Special - P90's with Wraptail

    Hi all, For sale is my beautiful cherry red 2016 Gibson USA Les Paul Special. This is from a limited run that year, most of which went to the Japanese market but a handful came to the UK. Definitely a cut above the standard USA production guitars and very close to custom shop spec wise with a...
  10. lewis_grey

    Is there a fix or remedy for grooves in a '50s wraparound?

    Yup, agree with all above...Mojoaxe on the guitar and original in the case. Will sound better than the original ever did thanks to the sharper break angle plus the added benefit of near perfect intonation. Superb product!
  11. lewis_grey

    '58 Gold Top | Michael Grant demo | FA

    The only time that demo had anything even resembling a half way acceptable amp sound, no one seemed to notice the guitar was out of tune.... Hate to be negative but none of it did the guitar justice IMO.
  12. lewis_grey

    60s Melody Maker Owners

    I recently acquired ‘64 dual pickup MM. Has a full 1 11/16” width nut and beefy neck. Very similar profile to my ‘56 Special, just a tad slimmer up top but beefs out to about the same at the 12th. Amazing and criminally underrated guitars although very different to a Jr or Special, with stock...
  13. lewis_grey

    New Conversion project- the ultimate original centre seam flametop!

    As cool as that would be, the market dictates most people want a tune-o-matic and humbuckers on their conversions, especially bursted with a top like that. Converted properly to ‘59 specs this might even sell for more than if it was totally original... As Yuuki said, it’s been dicked with...
  14. lewis_grey

    New Conversion project- the ultimate original centre seam flametop!

    That’s going to be one hell of a guitar! Looking forward to seeing this progress, nice find Yuuki!
  15. lewis_grey

    '50s Les Pauls That Came Originally With Other Than The Usual Finishes

    That re-finned ‘54 makes my trousers feel funny... I’m afraid that’s all I can to contribute to this thread. EDIT: Love the expertly doctored Joe B still too.
  16. lewis_grey

    Vaschenko SC Incoming

    Cool Guitar! Possibly he routed the body from the top before the maple cap was put on, set the router a tad shallow so it left the thickness of the cover on the back, then just cut it out?...clever stuff either way and an impressive amount of effort for a back plate!
  17. lewis_grey

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Not at the time but touché, can’t deny he may have been planting the seed as I ended up with one! I bought mine because it knocked my socks off and was priced very fairly, not because I thought it was made of unobtanium so no odds to me. If they’re still being made then there’ll be more great...
  18. lewis_grey

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Where did you hear that? I was told by Gary a couple of months ago that none have been made for 5 or 6 years and a combination of struggling to get the right old growth wood and the advancing age of the luthier means he won’t make anymore Les Pauls. He said he still makes Fender replicas though.
  19. lewis_grey

    The " Stig Bursts " the UK's best kept secret ?

    Resurrecting an old thread but another ‘Stig Burst’ owner here, it’s amazing how under the radar these things are. I’d put mine against any replica out there...
  20. lewis_grey

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    My ‘59 Replica made by reclusive U.K. luthier known only as ‘The Stig’ These were commissioned by renowned Burst dealer Gary Winterflood in very limited quantities over a 10 year period, my understanding is roughly 30 were made in total. The last batch was made 5 or 6 years ago of which this is...

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