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  1. Kaicho8888

    FYI: Historic Gibson PAF, 57 Classics, and Burstbuckers

    Interesting background on pickups according to Memphis Gibson Here's the whole Gibson Memphis presentation.
  2. Kaicho8888

    Schaller Strap Locks came apart!

    Ok, I pulled the little knob to disengage the Schaller strap locks and it came off and left the plunger in. So you can't remove the strap and with the strap lock on... and it's a tight fit to get the LP back in the case. The plunger is threaded to the knob and is springloaded to remain locked...
  3. Kaicho8888

    Gibson Case - Tolex separating

    I have a fairly new LP Gibson USA case. The top lid has the reptile cover that's come unglued on the whole part of the guitar body area. Looks OK, but if you touch it, it's like having loose glue. :( I will try to inject glue in the area...any idea what kind glue I could use?
  4. Kaicho8888

    Grover Locking Tuners - sharp edges

    I just recently got a LP Standard 2013 with Grover locking tuners. Three days later doing a bend, the G string breaks right at the tuner peg. It appears there are sharp edges here that caused the break. Anybody had this problem and what's your remedy? I might try the old Dremel on it.

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