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    NAD-Fender ‘68 Custom Deluxe Reverb.

    For about 2 years, I’ve been casually hunting for a deal on a vintage Deluxe Reverb, preferably a ‘64 or ‘65. My local shop that deals in lots of used gear recently got in a 2015 ‘68 Custom Deluxe Reverb. Having never tried on, I grabbed my Les Paul and headed to the shop. Two words - holy...
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    Just need to get this off my chest -2016 Trad

    Last September, I purchased my first “real” Les Paul - a used 2016 Traditional T in honey burst. Got it totally stock from the local CraigsList for $1,100 USD. It had its share of bumps and bruises, but was in otherwise good shape. Since I’ve had it, the only modifications have been a fret...
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    Hello from Western Mass.

    Greetings from the western part of Massachusetts US.
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    Upgrade my combo cabinet & speaker or get an extension cab?

    I have a 10 watt tube amp combo with a 10” speaker. It’s a Fender Pro Jr cab, so it’s MDF and small. It sounds okay, but certainly isn’t as full nor does it fill a room with sound like a 12” speaker. I typically play at home or sometimes with friends. No gigging. I’m not particularly...
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    Props to Carl’s Custom Amps!

    Let me start by saying that I’m not an expert when it comes to the finer details of tone and amplifiers. Here’s my story. I play guitar mostly at home because it’s good fun. I sometimes go to a local rehearsal space where I can crank an amp until my ears bleed. Sometime I get together with...
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    1998 Epiphone Dot Deluxe

    I just picked up a used 1998 Epiphone Dot Deluxe, natural, with the case, for a deal. It’s in very very good shape and It plays well. But, the stock nut is garbage ( it’s cut and shaped all wonky) and electronics generally feel cheap and barely work. Once things chill with the virus situation...
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    Epiphone ES 335 Pro on sale

    Musicians Friend currently has these on sale for $399. I’ve been hunting for a used Dot. Should I just get a new 335 Pro? Hmmm. Anyone have one of these on the way?
  8. J

    The lowly old Boss DS-1....

    Lately, I’ve been bitten by the pedal bug. On a whim, I picked up a used old DS-1 at my local shop. Brought it home and gave it a go with my 2016 LP Traditional and Fender Pro Junior. Hot damn this old pedal just kills that classic 70’s rock sound! Riffs sound so good with this pedal. I can’t...
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    Recommend me a looper

    I’ve never used a looper and am considering getting one to use as a practice tool. Can you recommend a basic looper that’s not particularly expensive? I don’t need boutique. Thanks everyone.
  10. J

    Adult Summer Camps?

    Good evening everyone. Here’s my dilemma- I’m a 42 year old married guy with a very busy professional career as an environmental scientist. I played in bands in high school. These days my guitar playing is strictly in a spare bedroom and for my personal enjoyment. I’m interested in playing with...
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    GHS Burnished Nickel Rockers

    Historically, I’ve used both GHS Boomers and Ernie Ball regular slinkies on my guitars. Mostly in 10-46. I’ve decided to try some different string brands and string materials recently and just this morning put a set of GHS burnished nickel rockers (10-46) on my 2008 Epiphone Les Paul custom...
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    Best OD and/or Distortion Pedal for SS Amp?

    Hello new friends of the MLP forums. For the last 3-4 years, my guitar playing had been almost exclusively through headphones. I live in a small house, and with a family, it’s the only option. In general, I’m perfectly happy with this. However, some friends and I are going to start making some...
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    NGD and new forum member

    Hello everyone, I’m new here and thought I’d say hello with a NGD post. A little about me- I played a lot in my youth (13-20 years old), but stopped when I started college. In my late 30s, I started playing again. I’m 42 now. My main guitars in my youth were a Mexican Strat and other shredder...

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