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  1. jrjoblin

    2005 Vintage Mahogany -NASHVILLE TO ABR UPGRADE- ('59 SPECS - NO MAPLE) PICTURES!!!!

    Hey guys! Here are a few pictures of my afternoon project. Can only load 5 pics at a time so this is chapter 1: First made a nashville insert removal tool with a bolt, washer and socket and removed both inserts. This is accomplished by putting the washer on top of a small socket, running...
  2. jrjoblin

    Les Paul Vintage Mahogany - NOT THE FADED FINISH - Vintage Finish!!!! Pictures!

    Here's a couple pics of my 2005 Vintage Mahogany NOT THE FADED FINISH! Much warmer and richer color than the later guitars. If you have owned one of these, the early Vintage Mahogany model is NOT chambered, has a '59 neck, all mahogany, Burstbucker Pro's and originally sold for $999 at GC...
  3. jrjoblin

    Just got my first les paul... Awesome!

    Want to say I use this site for tons of guitar advise, even though I have never posted. Have a 2005 Vintage Mahogany (one of the first 2 years production, not the chambered faded). That guitar had sustain out the door but was muddy with the stock wiring. Bought a solder station, and installed...

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