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  1. Bluesman1956

    FX LOOP for Dummies

    New to FX need some info. Followed the instructions with the send and return inputs on back of amp and also used the foot switch with little success. I get very low volume with no effects working when selected. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. Bluesman1956

    90s Les Pauls

    I keep on hearing that the 1990s were the “good would era” and it’s be subject to some hype to a degree and debate as well. I own a 94’ LP Custom in wine red. The first thing it’s heavy as hell and the overall workmanship seems good. I’m not to crazy about the stock pickups though. It is a nice...
  3. Bluesman1956

    Guitar Hanger info

    I’ve never used them but at the point where I’d like to display some in my studio. Can anyone recommend a brand that won’t harm the nitro finish on the neck and offer the best overall quality. The guitars are vintage and costly and the last thing I want is unnecessary damage. For now they just...
  4. Bluesman1956

    VOS Custom Shop Pickup Cover Wanted

    Looking for a Custom Shop VOS Humbucker cover (nickel) for my R8. Bridge pickup missing when I got it recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t want to buy the entire pickup.
  5. Bluesman1956

    On the hunt for a one VOS nickel pickup cover.

    Need help in finding one tried everywhere let me know thanks to all on this great site.
  6. Bluesman1956

    VOS pickup covers

    Any have or know where to find original VOS pickup covers for my R8?
  7. Bluesman1956

    Peter Frampton Les Paul

    Question: Are All Frampton Les Paul Customs solely made by the Custom Shop? I came across a Peter Frampton Model that seems legit. Signature on back of headstock and also on the fret inlay. But no Custom Shop label on back of headstock. I checked with the serial number(stamped and made in USA)...
  8. Bluesman1956

    Show your cherrybursts LP's

    99' Standard
  9. Bluesman1956

    Pickup Change?

    I have a 99' LP Standard. It's stock with the original pickups. The guitar is great and has no issues. The only thing is the pickups. I never really liked the sound and for that that reason never play it too often. I'd like some advice on what type of pickups available would give me more of a...
  10. Bluesman1956

    Show Us Your Double Cut Specials

    Love the originals and reissues. This is a 2000 LP Special "Lite" in natural and P100s.

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