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  1. LesPaul60sTribute

    Changing it up a bit: 50’s Standard Tobacco Burst

    Everyone has their own taste and what they like - I happen to like the gold speed knobs and tortoise covers on the back and matching front guard. I also prefer white felt washers between the body and the strap holds.
  2. LesPaul60sTribute

    Refinished Sides & Back of My Les Paul Tribute

    I secretly like my Tribute more than my Standard but my Standard has no idea . . :)
  3. LesPaul60sTribute

    Refinished Sides & Back of My Les Paul Tribute

    Reply to KelvinS1965: "I haven't used Tru-oil though and I'm not even sure whether it's available in the UK (or perhaps it has another name?)" Cool - Tru-oil is a wipe on product used and manufactured for gun stocks primarily. It applies in thin coats then levels off pretty well. It dries...
  4. LesPaul60sTribute

    Refinished Sides & Back of My Les Paul Tribute

    I was sure happy with my final result. I already had a natural finish - it just had a few marks in a few places that I wanted to take care of. Like I said in another post above I would never try this on my $2500 Standard but for the improvements made on my Tribute is was sure worth it. Just...
  5. LesPaul60sTribute

    NGD Standard '50s Tobacco Burst

    I have the same Les Paul model - yours is really beautiful - top is really nice
  6. LesPaul60sTribute

    Refinished Sides & Back of My Les Paul Tribute

    Hey guys - Looks like many have tried the same as myself :) I have experience finishing rifle stocks so I figured I could do the same work on my 2011 Tribute. However I would never do this on a $2000 Standard. The Tribute is a much less sophisticated process due to the non-grain fill and the...
  7. LesPaul60sTribute

    Refinished Sides & Back of My Les Paul Tribute

    Hello guys - A while ago I purchased a 2011 Les Paul Tribute. It was in very good condition but there were a few marks on the sides and back. I thought I would take care of the small marks and imperfections by sanding the sides and back only and then refinishing. I ended up sanding the body...
  8. LesPaul60sTribute

    P90s thoughts

    I really love the P90s myself. I have a Tribute also. The plain top I actually like. Gibson makes a Classic Player Plus with P90s. I like that they have natural backs and of course P90s. Here is a link...
  9. LesPaul60sTribute

    In praise of The New Originals!

    2019 Standard 50s -
  10. LesPaul60sTribute

    Need help on this Les paul custom

    It it a satin back and neck? Seems like perhaps part of the special edition custom? The back doesn't look grain filled either? Or maybe just the lighting . .
  11. LesPaul60sTribute

    Is the Tribute the Best Value Les Paul?

    I purchased my Tribute a while ago and absolutely love it. It is a 2011 model with P90s & a natural back. The guitar is chambered also. It is an absolute tone monster. I love my Standard with equal value but wow did Gibson offer a great guitar when they made the 2011 Tribute models. The Tribute...
  12. LesPaul60sTribute


    I prefer a 10 lb Les Paul in my Standard. But conversely my 2011 chambered P90 equipped Les Paul Tribute is an absolute tone monster. The Tribute is about 7.5 lbs. However I love both with equal value. That even confuses me :)
  13. LesPaul60sTribute

    Is there something not right about this one?

    The serial number is stamped so low . . maybe this varies but I haven't seen any that low on any Les Paul I have owned in the last 30 years . . again I'm no expert - I'm sure its fine
  14. LesPaul60sTribute

    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    I'm likely one of a very rare few. I have only played with a distorted/overdrive sound maybe twice in almost 30 years. The two times I did were brief too :)
  15. LesPaul60sTribute

    List prices for Gibson Les Pauls when they were new?

    I remember my new wine red Les Paul studio was $735 with nice hard case in 1992. I kept that guitar for many years until the recession of 2009 forced me to sell. Was hard as she was my first. This was the condition of the guitar just before I sold it - mint.
  16. LesPaul60sTribute

    Good Bad and Ugly

    Years ago I bought a Standard (2013) - It was really nice but I found out fast that the sweet honeyburst Tribute with P90s was really my favorite Les Paul. My story is similar to yours. I kept both.
  17. LesPaul60sTribute

    Les Paul Classic 2018 Neck Binding Problem

    The binding is very sloppy - I have seen this with my own 2019 purchase. It seems Gibson is really having trouble in the binding areas. Pic attached of my binding as it arrived new. I received a $240 discount and lightly sanded the binding - it looks fine now.
  18. LesPaul60sTribute

    I Bought a Les paul Traditional and i kinda regret it...

    I never understood the frustration over neck shape/profiles myself. I love to play any neck that happens to be on the guitar. I have huge round necks and slender thin ones too. I adapt to each one and really enjoy part of that guitars unique build. I have never had an issue adapting to any neck...
  19. LesPaul60sTribute

    I Bought a Les paul Traditional and i kinda regret it...

    I honestly wish every Les Paul Standard weighed over 10 lbs mandatory - :) I always gravitate to the heaviest I can find within the features I am looking for. I never understood the value of a light Les Paul. If mine was 11 lbs I wouldn't mind a bit.
  20. LesPaul60sTribute

    Uneven binding question

    I had a similar issue with my Standard 50s - I had wavy binding and file marks on the upper frets. I ended up touching up the guitar myself and receiving a $240 discount. I was surprised to see the workmanship was at that level but learned to live with it. Part of whats happening also is that...

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