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  1. JKHamby

    ***Locating Tailpiece Studs***

    After searching and not finding anything on point, I have a question: 1. Are the stud locations for the tailpiece on LP a fixed distance from the pickup pocket, or does precision not truly matter? I have the Bartlett plans but I am not certain if I need to do a special measurement. TIA Jason
  2. JKHamby

    Luthier's Corner Plans / Templates Resource

    I was planning to cut the second angle after I drill the holes to remove any rough edges from the bit pushing through the wood, and I was planning to cut the angle free hand with an overhead router with the body on a wedge rather than with the angled template router method. Do you see any...
  3. JKHamby

    Luthier's Corner Plans / Templates Resource

    I have searched and I haven't found a good look at how people drill the pot holes in the first place. With the plane cut in the control cavity, I assume that the axis of the holes should not be perpendicular to the back of the guitar but I can't find any detailed look. I must be searching...
  4. JKHamby

    A couple of questions

    Thank goodness. I was planning a more faded burst finish but I can plan a little darker brown around the edges to hide the blemish. I haven't glued the fretboard so I can cut and bind before gluing. thank you!
  5. JKHamby

    A couple of questions

    Need a little guidance: 1. Cut the binding channel and had a small bit of tear out. How would you handle this? 2. How do you route the binding channel on the neck with an already radiused fretboard? 3. I have the stewmac bindall glue but I have seen several posts about different glues for...
  6. JKHamby

    ***Some of build questions***

    1. Router bits. For the pickup cavity/legs I used a 3/8 top bearing bit so that I could match the radius of template. However, the trade off is that the bit is only 1/2 in cutting length so I couldn't reach the full depth on the legs using the template. Q: what do you do to avoid this problem...
  7. JKHamby

    First fretboard inlay

    Follow up: I have seen reference to using acetone, expoxy, model airplane glue for inlays. What do you all use and what drove your choice? I have saved a fair amount of dust from the fretboard for coloring the glue. thanks,
  8. JKHamby

    First fretboard inlay

    Definitely not young, I just didn't get into guitar until my middlish 40s. Here are some pics of the build. It's been going on for 2 years with a long break because of intensely full family calendars. There are definitely problems but none that I think are show stoppers. Project is two yrs...
  9. JKHamby

    First fretboard inlay

    First build, first fretboard. I don't know if these are ok or not. I kinda think that if I am asking the question in my head, I won't be happy with them in the end and the fretboard isn't expensive to start over. But, I know I don't have particular expertise so I could be obsessing over...
  10. JKHamby

    Vintage correct components?

    My wife would never be onboard with buying another guitar right now. But she is fine with me building one at 5x the cost...I think she just wants my time occupied so I can't get into real mischief.
  11. JKHamby

    Question about router jig for binding.

    How did you make yours?
  12. JKHamby

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    I am working on a version of this setup. I plan to modify it by adding a means to lock the router slides to do the angled control cavity route and the thicknessing.
  13. JKHamby

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    I completely relate to this feeling with my top carve upcoming
  14. JKHamby

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    Thank you everyone for the replies, I am considering using the ruined neck for practice in the carve process. Don't know if I will do another profile jig or not, but there is definitely plenty of food for thought here. What do you think about the safety plane that Preeb uses to cut the width...
  15. JKHamby

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    I am working on a design for a more universal sled with dovetail groves for clamps. In looking at the design I currently have more deeply the issue is toggle clamp heights and side loading. The dovetail clamps will provide a more direct downward force to prevent misalignment to the base.
  16. JKHamby

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    I think you are right, in hindsight. I found a nugget in Preeb's build thread on the Tele website, about the robo sander/follower cutting deeper than the pattern and the need to use less pressure. I also think, as soft as mahogany is cutting closely enough with a bandsaw, then the carving...
  17. JKHamby

    Order of operation - when to drill control knob holes

    This looks good! So much better than mine in basically the same stage.
  18. JKHamby

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    I knew better, I should have checked again. Had a nice neck profile jig (ok, it definitely needs a redesign) and a follower sanding drum for my drill press. Things were going so well, until I profiled the neck too thin in one place and dagnabit, I have to start over. I am thinking of going...
  19. JKHamby

    At what point do you do your fret installation?

    I think Freddy has a nice demo of mounting before fretting and routing the binding recess. And, he demonstrates how he deals with the fretboard overhang of the tenon to ensure a uniform route.
  20. JKHamby

    59 Build Instructions

    I worked the hand plane (I was referring to the glue face for the top pieces on the joiner). It is really close now where I think a flat block with sandpaper can be used to dress up the surface. I did get a small tear out on the side where I will be gluing the ears but I saved the piece and...

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