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  1. BigJim

    All Hog Customs...

    My old all 'hog LP is a bit dark, still fiddling with pickup heights to see if I can brighten it up a bit. I usually think "hogwash" when people start attributing huge tonal changes to minor construction or materials differences (like fingerboard woods, or short tenons), but this will be the...
  2. BigJim

    Post your collectors choice LP’s!

    These are all special. I want one now..
  3. BigJim

    Grovers on a 59RI

    Grovers are the only way to go
  4. BigJim

    Why do I hate Paul Shaffer?

    This... His cameo's in musical movies too..
  5. BigJim

    Older SD '59 worth repairing?

    I came in to suggest sending it to @cooljuk, he has repaired and wound a few pickups for me, always fast, reliable and affordable. Seems he has it covered!
  6. BigJim

    Is $11K too much for a 61 SG with a headstock repair?

    Looks like it sold...
  7. BigJim

    NGD 1967 Standard.

    Sweet! Looking at those too recently...
  8. BigJim

    Is $11K too much for a 61 SG with a headstock repair?

    Even if it has untouched PAFs? Asking for a friend...
  9. BigJim

    Suspicious seller on reverb heads up.

    Reverb sux. Forcing PayPal out was my last straw with using them to buy anything....
  10. BigJim

    I don't like that Kirk Hammett owns Greenie.

    JD Simo too...
  11. BigJim

    WTB: PRS DGT bridge pickup

    Yeah, I had a pair that I put in a few guitars over the years. They didn't sound as good as when they were in a DGT though..
  12. BigJim

    The Best Steely Dan Guitar Solos (besides Peg)

    Love me some Skunk, but I don't think he would have "fit" as a soloist on the Dan's later releases where they got more jazzier. And I always thought that Becker was a better soloist than some of the hired guns they would cycle through..
  13. BigJim

    Obsidian wire harnesses - anyone heard of/used them? Thoughts?

    No, from swapping pickups too much! Overtime, the little tabs on the top of the push in parts become worn away, so getting them to pop open and closed is harder. I did go through a few months of rotating the rear pickup frequently, so it wore down pretty quickly. They also seem to loose their...
  14. BigJim

    Obsidian wire harnesses - anyone heard of/used them? Thoughts?

    I have one of their "systems" in my SSH Strat for a while now... It is simple to use and install, making pickup swaps easy enough. However, I agree with James @cooljuk. Over time, the push in receptacles tend to wear down, making a solid, reliable contact harder and harder to obtain. I have...
  15. BigJim

    Slash Collection....

    Didn't really "get" Izzy until I heard his solo stuff...I actually like it more than G&R.
  16. BigJim

    P90 Madness!

    Only P90 I have ever owned...
  17. BigJim

    WTB: Fender Thicknecked Strat

    I had an early one, it was really gooped up.
  18. BigJim

    WTB: Fender Thicknecked Strat

    Another on TGP:

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