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  1. Metlking

    WTB - Well built case to protect 1960 Les Paul Junior

    I bought mine from The Stratosphere. It was listed as being for the Billie Joe Armstrong JR. My 59' Doublecut fits nicely. I also have a 2019 Special. I will see if my 59 fits in that case, I assume it would. I'll check tomorrow as I am at work...….
  2. Metlking

    Duncan Custom Shop Pearly Gates Set Ordered!

    I have a set of CS PG's in my R7. Definitely my favorite set of pickups and a cut above the regular production Pearly Gates. Mine are potted.
  3. Metlking

    R7 prices?

    Decent deal on a recent R7:
  4. Metlking

    Reverb selling fees to increase to 5%

  5. Metlking

    Plain tops need love too

    I added this beautiful plaintop to the collection tonight! 2008 Les Paul G0 Darkburst:
  6. Metlking

    Show me your knobs

    In most cases I prefer Reflectors or Speed Knobs. I tend to leave the bell knobs on my R9/R8's though......
  7. Metlking

    Plain tops need love too

    My G0. Top so plain it looks like spruce in person!
  8. Metlking

    ABR-1 non wired bridge question

    I will check into that! Thanks!
  9. Metlking

    ABR-1 non wired bridge question

    I replaced my Gibson non wire with a Faber after a saddle fell out onstage when a string broke. The Faber is far superior in my opinion. I plan on buying a few more. They're usually 20% off around any holidays!
  10. Metlking

    SOLD! Gibson Collectors Choice #37 Carmelita Les Paul

    Start the year off right with a new guitar!
  11. Metlking

    Dr Vintage CTS pots and caps

    I bought a used Les Paul "G0" that was outfitted with Dr Vintage pots and K42y-Z caps. Fantastic set-up!
  12. Metlking

    WTB: pair of nickel pickup covers

    These are great!

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