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  1. SGeoff

    Have you ever dreamed about someone who died

    take a break for just a day or 2 and you will dream your ass off. they are weird and vivid. then they fade after having them for a few days. or when you go back to toking. "they" say you always dream, you don't always remember it. I have had the weird visitation type dreams, and...
  2. SGeoff

    Today is my birthday. I'm 70 years old.

    Happy B Day Fett! keep on keepin on :thumbs:
  3. SGeoff

    going soft with age....asking for a friend....

    you are just getting in touch with your emotions. no need to worry about it. buy a box of kleenex and keep watching. thats what a good friend of mine does. :dunno: another good friend says, suck it up buttercup, before i come over and 'tro ya...
  4. SGeoff

    It's Friday... You know what that means.

    He's onto you Tim :slap: now give us 800 pages we need it:run::hippie:
  5. SGeoff


    now.....wheres the goddam jack?! :run: :rofl:
  6. SGeoff


    I know what you mean, mine are kinda the same. just the end of your finger toughened up is calloused in my book, the other ones are BIG callouses. we got different callous books.. :hippie:
  7. SGeoff


    aka....calloused? :dunno: :slap:
  8. SGeoff

    Bro do you even workout?!

    You could blow your significant others head off. Unless, they are taking the new Iron Head supplement. :doh:
  9. SGeoff

    Things are gonna heat up now.

    uh, because snitchez get stichez?
  10. SGeoff

    What is an R7 LP?

    didn't anyone else see the seething resentment, the savage sarcasm?!? thanks, and you're welcome, indeed. the fact that you are oblivious to it, and even promote such senseless verbal violence, just proves my point!! its friday, and i'ma leavin you fukkers for...
  11. SGeoff

    Forged in Fire to return tomorrow night!

    Sure, the show has an edge to it. But whats the point? :hippie:c'mon vic wake up and pun down :slap:
  12. SGeoff

    Gary Busey’s nuts

    i guess i'll just step in to say, he is a shell of his former self :run:
  13. SGeoff

    Johnny Winter’s Guitars

    I don't know for sure on this one, but one of his fire birds had an sg neck on it. I think he just really liked an sg neck, but the rest not so much :dunno:
  14. SGeoff

    I just need to shut up

    smoking is bad for a singing voice. now that you have quit, it may improve. if you just shut up :slap:
  15. SGeoff

    Paul Lynde, Hollywood Squares. Funny stuff.

    that was 23 minutes of fun. personal crap aside, because after all, nobody ever said comedians all lead perfect lives.. Paul Lynde would make you flat out belly laugh
  16. SGeoff

    Looking for a post about the guy who loaned his guitar to Leslie West....

    don't know the post. I love Leslies playing, but he can be a bastard :dunno:
  17. SGeoff

    Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, Etc

    once, I was in an old prison which was being restored for tourist tours, in Mt Holly, NJ. It was summer and warm. There was a solitary cell with stuff written on the walls by prisoners. I read a passage by a man who, in 1878 or so, wrote that "he knew he would die here"..i felt a little...
  18. SGeoff

    A guitar story.

    quit fretting about it. :fingersx:
  19. SGeoff

    Chihuahuas maybe, but not French Bulldogs

    there is so much fucked up in this sad story. the frenchie had been previously used for does that (with a frenchie)
  20. SGeoff

    Lightest Electric guitars, apart from SG's

    parker fly? those effers weigh 2 lbs and play good

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