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  1. Reflect_ion

    NGD- 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Very nice!!
  2. Reflect_ion

    Former (?) Norlin Black Beauty: not for the faint of heart

    Rosewood fretboard! So no black beauty was harmed!
  3. Reflect_ion

    New favourite LP home, 73 cherryburst Custom

    Cool! Looks like it has been well played and well taken care of. Have fun!
  4. Reflect_ion

    1978 Wine Red Left Handed Custom: Overpriced or just right?

    But why? Seems like easy money for Gibson then to address that market... use the manufacturing capacity for more lefties instead of flooding the market with righties that resellers sometimes struggle to sell. Or no wait ... forget what I said. I’m right handed so keep on making them to...
  5. Reflect_ion

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Long Scale (and similar)?

    Can’t help you but will bump this thread by saying wowsie! Binding at the back and they made them as goldtop too. Pretty in my book!
  6. Reflect_ion

    Silverburst Custom - Adam Jones Signature

    Whoops looks like I’ll have some explaining to do. I contacted some guitar stores after seeing the announcement at NAMM earlier this year. And then 3 weeks ago I was contacted and offered to buy one (actually 2 as 2 stores got back to me). At first I was offered the VOS for which I was a bit...
  7. Reflect_ion

    1978 Wine Red Left Handed Custom: Overpriced or just right?

    This is a UK seller and you’re a US buyer right? Why bother? Seems to me the US has plenty of options and don’t you pay import duties on this?
  8. Reflect_ion

    NGD - Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS - Lemon Burst

    Beautiful grain! And the fretboard has some nice figuring too! Congratulations!!
  9. Reflect_ion

    M2M Limits?

    Who knows for the incoming Adam Jones ‘79 custom signature model....
  10. Reflect_ion

    M2M Limits?

    this has a headstock with the Gibson logo somewhat lower than usual. Actually 1952-1956 period correct I think. Why don’t they do this for reissues then?
  11. Reflect_ion

    NGD '00 R9

    Nice one, enjoy!
  12. Reflect_ion

    Silverburst Custom - Adam Jones Signature

    10K is maybe more like it for a signed one. Seeing there's only 79 made? Generally speaking, for a signature LP, how many does Gibson make (signed/unsigned/aged/VOS)?
  13. Reflect_ion

    1979 Standard (natural)

    Is that an ebony board?
  14. Reflect_ion

    Les Paul Custom 1983 Natural

    i think it looks dirty (and not in a good way). But that could mean she’s a player. Don’t know if you bought it or not but this needs some TLC
  15. Reflect_ion

    Silverburst Custom - Adam Jones Signature

    Sooo... what have you been told then? :) Meanwhile the plot thickens: 10k...
  16. Reflect_ion

    Silverburst Custom - Adam Jones Signature This thing popped up on reverb earlier this week and apparently got sold within 48 hours. Meant to post it earlier while it was still online but too late. I don't...
  17. Reflect_ion

    Delayed NGD- 1980 Les Paul Custom

    She’s so... shiny!
  18. Reflect_ion

    My own Adam Jones tribute '79-ish' Silverburst

    I’ll be watching this thread! best of luck and enjoy the ride!
  19. Reflect_ion

    Any info on these Norlins is helpful (74, 78)

    European prices :)
  20. Reflect_ion

    Show your Custom!

    Those cream plastics match so well with the cherry, stunner! Looks pristine also!

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