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  1. Shagnwagon

    FS: Egnater Tweaker 40 Watt Amp Head

    Up for sale is my Egnater Tweaker 40 amp head. I am looking to get about $475 for it shipped and paypald (CONUS). Description: The Tweaker-40 has two independent channels, each with its own controls, pumping out 40 watts via two 6L6 power tubes. With 11 "Tweaker" switches you can dial in a...
  2. Shagnwagon

    Momentary Switch in place of Exp. Pedal on Delay

    So I got a Deluxe Memory Boy last night. And of course I had to play with feedback and all that fun stuff. I was wondering if I could use a momentary switch and control the feedback instead of an expression pedal. Has anyone else done this before? Anything special I need to know. Thanks in advance.
  3. Shagnwagon

    D'addario XL Half Round Strings

    So Im one of the lucky few who are allergic to nickel and have decided to play guitar. So nickel strings and I dont get a long. I have been using Ernie Ball Cobalts with rather good luck recently, but due to KBOMAN has shown me D'addario XL Half Rounds. I was wondering what peoples experiences...
  4. Shagnwagon

    The Evolution Of My Board/Rig

    IDK Im in an odd mood tonight and feel like sharing since I found some old pics. Thats the first Pedal I ever bought roughly 2 years ago when I started on this crazy journey known as electric guitar (I played almost a year on my dads acoustic to prove that I was serious so I could get an...
  5. Shagnwagon

    New Puppy Incoming!

    Im going to pick up this little female golden retriever puppy tomorrow. Now to just work out a name for her. :hmm: Cant wait to get her! :D
  6. Shagnwagon

    Be Safe Fellow Virginians!

    We are in for some nasty storms. My brother and I are watching it in our den. We have nasty wind and lightning now and you can hear trees breaking. Stay safe guys!
  7. Shagnwagon

    Im never gonna help people again! (just kidding...maybe)

    I agreed to help a young guitarist on sunday by working on some settings on her digitech multi effects pedal. I did a version update and now the darned thing wont cut on. All I wanted to do was help, but I may just have paperweighted this thing :laugh2: I told her she could use my pedalboard if...
  8. Shagnwagon

    Whats the longest you have waited after ordering a guitar?

    I had my local music store call me today and inform me my new strat wont be here until July or September. I am hoping for July :laugh2:. I was wondering what the longest you have waited for a guitar you ordered?
  9. Shagnwagon

    Now to play the waiting game!

    Today I went and ordered a 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster from my local music store. Now to sit and wait for the phone call for me to come and pick up! *glares at iphone* I figure this would calm my anxiety a little bit. :laugh2:
  10. Shagnwagon

    Favorite Delay Settings?

    Trying to find some more settings on my line 6 DL4. What are some of yalls preferred settings for any delay? Thanks in advance.
  11. Shagnwagon

    NPD!!!!! Delay...yy...yy...yy...yy content (See what I did there)

    Now that the cheesy title is out of the way. I went and picked up my first delay pedal today. Line 6 DL4 Digital Delay. Setting it up right now to work with my board. Cant wait to run this thing thru its paces :thumb:
  12. Shagnwagon

    Just had a great night

    One of my good friends is leaving for basic training for the marines in the next week. We all got together and cooked burgers, ate way to much, and had conversations on relationships, culture along with usual sarcasm and horrid jokes while sitting around the bonfire. Tonight is what makes life...
  13. Shagnwagon

    PRS Guys!!! I need your help on some guitar ID

    That white PRS what is it? I know its an SE model, but I cant find anything on it! Anyone have any idea? The Digital Age - Rehearsals - "How Great Thou Art" - YouTube Can be seen in this video. Thanks for any help! :thumb:
  14. Shagnwagon

    So how was your day?

    Im trying to stay up a little bit longer so I can take care of something then go to bed but its killing me. I have a glass of Mt. Dew beside me and am cruising MLP and as long as I am reading and responding I will stay awake so I can do this thing and go to bed. So how was your day?
  15. Shagnwagon

    Wanna start a project to learn.

    Well Im really wanting to learn how to wire and solder a bit. Its something I never done and I really would like to know how for future things. Ive been thinking about starting a project if I could find a cheap Epi to learn how to do this. From guys who have done this before how bad is it...
  16. Shagnwagon

    Anybody else have this happen?

    I have played for decent crowds quite regularly, but I go to a music store or my guitar teacher and I sound like I have been playing 15 minutes. :laugh2: I went to check out a Fulltone OCD for my pedalboard at a local music shop, guys sets me up on a nice Marshall head and cab and hands me a...
  17. Shagnwagon


    So I found out tonight that my grandmother got engaged on friday. My grandfather passed away about two years ago from pancreatic cancer. Its all weird and strange to me right now. Funny how things go around, never thought my grandmother would re marry before I could even get married once. Also...
  18. Shagnwagon

    Some good music books or podcasts?

    I like listening to something while I am at work and recently started looking into audio books and podcasts. Any recommendations on books or podcasts about music? Documentaries or instructional or anything entertaining. Thanks in advance. :)
  19. Shagnwagon

    At what point is it acceptable to just start yelling at people?

    I have been on the phone since my amp broke (3 days since I filed a support ticket with no one contacting me back yet from that) trying to get a hold of someone at the company. I was told that within 24-48 of the ticket that I would be contacted...didnt happen. So I called and was told to send...
  20. Shagnwagon

    6 Hours, 2 Music Stores, 1 Radio Shack, Chiptole, Sheetz, and a Best Buy later....

    I may have a working amplifier! Today has been freaking chaotic. I woke up to the tune of no one home so as any good guitarist you crank your amp and rock out. While I was doing that the amp just dies on me. Lights go off and poof no sound. I check the fuses and I have one blown (in the...

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