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  1. Nomex

    2019 R9 Soft lacquer peeling off

    Hello everyone, I have R9 60th Anniversary VOS and few days ago I noticed that lacquer on the binging at the bottom of guitar is peeling off. Is it something I should worry about? It also seems, that this crack is spreading further. Also whats weird, I canot find other side of that crack, to me...
  2. Nomex

    NGD 2019 60th Southern Fade R9

    Because of closed border in Europe, I had to travel long distance to border in Czech Republic and in presence of military and police I bought this beauty. Looking forward to weight it today. BTW I am broke :D
  3. Nomex

    2011 R9 Inlays type help

    Is anyone able to tell if these inlays are acrylic or nitro? Thank you very much.

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