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  1. KenA

    Convertion from HH to H pu config

    Thanks ... I just found out that my PU has the hot as green and ground as black. It's an Oripure Vintage HB. I'll read with a multimeter later on and see what's really happening.
  2. KenA

    Convertion from HH to H pu config

    Recently I removed the neck pu humbucker and I'm now testing a single humbucker configuration. So it's a single Humbucker with 1 Volume and 1 Tone. Both pots are same as before and 500k. I also use a 0.022uF orange drop 400V cap. I'd kept the same config and re-did the wiring for a single PU...
  3. KenA

    fret{notes} -- a free app I made available at Chrome Store

    Hi everyone, Just posting the info for this app that may be used to learn, study, preview, etc , things related to the guitar fretboard. From Scales, related Modes, Intervals, add/del strings, changing tunings, etc. Nothing fancy, but it helps me so maybe it may help you too. It's free and...

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