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  1. El Greco

    The MIJ Epiphone LQ series thread

    Lets drop all our knowledge and eye candy photos of this short lived and unique series of guitars, in this thread. Here are my 2 LQs, a 2004 cherry sunburst and a 2005 honeyburst, each one weight exactly 4 kilos!
  2. El Greco

    NGD Epi LQ 2005

    I received this LQ a while back, but didn't have time to take some pics! So here it is... It's a plaintop but with direct sunlight, you get some flames too! I have another LQ so I'm not surpised by the quality and feel, I already knew these are great guitars!
  3. El Greco

    Greco MIK by Cort Identification thread

    Since there was a lot of talking recently about MIK Grecos, I thought we should start a thread about them, and gather all our knowledge here! There is limited info and pics about them and scattered in various threads, making it difficult for a new member to identify what he just scored on YJ...
  4. El Greco

    1989 Mint Collection SG

    I got it for peanuts, four months ago from YJ and I thought its time for some pics! It had no pickguard and the frets were low, but overall a great player! Skinny neck (thinner than a 60's slim) and very light weight guitar, feels like a tennis racket or something! Forgot to mention...
  5. El Greco

    Ngd '81 ls-50

    Finally arrived from Koiz (in one piece) and his packing is really good by the way :D! Sorry for the crap (tablet) pics that follow but I can't do anything better at the moment! Koiz pics are better As soon as she arrived, I took everything of I kept the pots (Noble) and I added an...
  6. El Greco

    NGM Edwards Custom

    Hi guys!!! It's been a month now since I bought this beast and it's a very happy new (old) guitar month! This thing rocks!! I never had the chance to play an Eddie before and I'm so impressed with the quality, the finish, the playability, the resonance, the price etc! Great pickups (SD SH1-SH4)...
  7. El Greco

    Gibson pcb question 3way switch problem

    Hi guys! I bought from a friend in a very good price a pair of gibson pups 490/498 and a pcb board! I installed the pups in my Epi SG with a 50's wiring. Now I want to put the board in an Epi LP, but the problem is that the Gibson 3 way switch is missing and the slot will not match with Epi's...
  8. El Greco

    Replace grovers with kluson style tuners

    Hi there! I need advice to replace my stock Grovers on my epi lp stand. with Kluson style! I think of buing quality tuners so I need your opinion about the Gibson PMMH010 Tuners or something similar! Please mention any instalation problems, screws, screwholes, etc. HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!

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