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  1. coreydm676

    Taylor 114ce. Dare I say the best Taylor made?

    Been eyeing up a Taylor for a number of years now. Spent some time over the last year waiting for the right opportunity and I finally pulled the trigger an used 2010 114ce I managed to pickup for 850 Canadian rubles. I am more than impressed. Before settling on this I must of tried 12 other...
  2. coreydm676

    NGD 2020 Les Paul Special Tribute P90 - Worn White

    Enjoying it. It has a pretty fat neck compared to the DC models but not baseball bat my any means. The only quality issue I can see is since the finish is so thin there's a small spot on the top of the headstock where some of the white finish didn't quite cover the black used for the heastock...
  3. coreydm676

    Gotta say the 2019 classic lineup is looking really nice

    The '61 SG looks beautiful especially with the sideways tremolo. I wonder if it works any better than the originals. The SG Special in Pelham blue looks amazing. Might have to add that one to the collection when there's some room in the budget. Les Pauls look exactly as they should. Hopefully...
  4. coreydm676

    Another String Thread

    Does anyone else tailor their strings to the guitar? On my Fenders I use standard 10-46 but the Gibsons with the shorter scale length I need 10-52 to feel comfortable. Also I have been using the new elixer optiwebs and I have been blown away with how natural they feel especially vs other...
  5. coreydm676

    Good to see some old faces

    Here for my yearly MLP check-in. Not much time to browse forums that much anymore with work and such. Good to see users like AligatorBling still active on here after all these years. Seems even Bolesikinehouse checks in once in a while. They need a badge for lifers on here for sure.
  6. coreydm676

    NGD: 2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic

    My first Gibson. A few dents but I picked it up for a steal at $1550 CAD including the Seymour Duncan antiquity pickups and the case. As for wight I have yet to actually weigh it but it has some heft. Not quite as heavy as my black beauty but not too light either. :slash:
  7. coreydm676

    Does anyone know where to find a good length TS to TS snake?

    I'm looking for a good quality TS to TS snake for my pedal board and I am having a hell of a time finding one. I've been googling for at least half an hour or so with no luck. Anyone know a good site for cables? My requirements are: 1/4" TS to TS At least 15' 4 Channels (no more) Proper...
  8. coreydm676

    Ink for guitar silk screening?

    I am having issues sourcing ink for the les paul script on my guitar I have the screen made and it looks great but the ink I found locally pools on the surface rather than creating a smooth logo. I'm not sure how I can avoid this. I should mention I only have about 2 weeks before I need to...
  9. coreydm676

    Is gibson still using that pink plastic for bindings?

    I meant to check the last time I was at L&M but I forgot.
  10. coreydm676

    Les Paul script files?

    Does anyone have files for the les paul junior script? Just finishing up my first build and I'm preparing to do the silk screen. :slash:
  11. coreydm676

    Calling all Les Paul Junior Doublecut Owners

    Working on a kit guitar right now and unfortunately I misplaced my pickguard for it the last time I moved. I can find single cut pick guard templates and Les Paul Special double cut pickguard templates but no junior double cut ones. If anyone knows where I can find a pdf file for this it would...
  12. coreydm676

    Fretboard masking?

    Is there a better way of masking the fret board before lacquering? I feel like the clear in going to soak in where the frets meet the fret board. on the edge. I've tried to work the masking into that crevice but it doesn't seem to like to stick. Am I just to let that happen and clean up after or?
  13. coreydm676

    Looking for some information on this washburn.

    Looks similar to a g-35k but the neck is set. I think the bridge or at least the nut is aftermarket but is actuall washburn kit. Other than that not really sure what it is. Any input would be great. :slash:
  14. coreydm676

    Had a bad day. :(

    While at work today one of the other teachers students managed to knock my first guitar off the wall. Pretty sad right now.
  15. coreydm676

    Anyone still around from when I frequented MLP?

    boleskinhouse, alligatorbling, cookieboy, AXE, dennistruckdriver, Led Zep Fan, BCRGreg, jeff(forget the second part of his username but he liked rabbits if that helps), flickoflash, Bobbo, djwilbanks, b-squared just a few names I remember of that top of my head. How all you guys doing? :thumb:
  16. coreydm676

    A buddy of my dads is building some guitars that are like nothing I've ever seen

    Riversong Guitars at 2013 NAMM - YouTube they made it to NAMM this year. Here's their website. Riversong Guitars I've played a couple and they sound amazing.
  17. coreydm676

    Help Me Identify The Song I'm Looking For.

    The main riff opening the song is 2 fat full strum e chords followed by another chord I can't identify. The whole song has a thick tremolo effect on the guitar. The song also moves at a fairly slow tempo about 80 BPM. I also remember a video for in black and white where a guy is walking around...
  18. coreydm676

    Thought I'd Stop By And Say Happy Thanksgiving

    Haven't been on in a while life is busy, thought i'd say hi and happy Thanksgiving to all of you people in the United States. Enjoy this video from the Internets. :thumb: The Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette - YouTube
  19. coreydm676

    Calling all Led Zeppelin fans.

    The lick she plays around 39 seconds right before immigrant song. wheres it from? Gretchen Menn, Featured Artist - YouTube
  20. coreydm676

    Darwin Award In The Making

    Victoria highway run 299km/h High Speed Ride - YouTube

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