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  1. candletears7

    Want - Ibanez Rocket Roll SR Flying V - Australia

    Got a Strat Plus to part trade + cash. Cheers.
  2. candletears7

    Want - Ibanez Rocket Roll SR Flying V - Australia

    Got a Strat Plus to part trade + cash. Cheers.
  3. candletears7

    FT - my Gibson Explorer for your SG

    2011 USA Gibson Explorer in Natural. Upgraded with bone nut Brierley pickups. In soft case. Want to swap for Cherry USA Gibson SG, Standard, '61 Reissue or Custom Shop Historic with $$$ on my end. Happy to keep pickups if you do the same. Located in Australia, I've done lots of...
  4. candletears7

    FS - Ric 360 jetglo and Natural Gibson Explorer. Want SG Custom

    Have a 2008 Ric 360 Jetglo and a 2011 Explorer with bone nut to sell. Ric - $2300 ish Explorer - $1650 ish Im in Oz, so if you are, that would be grand. If not, happy to ship, done it before and I'll do it again. Would LOVE an SG Custom + cash. ****e pic:
  5. candletears7

    WTB - Seymour Duncan JB Jr for Strat neck in black

    Anyone have one and be ok with sending it to the far edge of the galaxy? (Melbourne, Australia). $$$ ready to go via Paypal. Jesse.
  6. candletears7

    WTB: Black Gibson Explorer pickguard

    Must fit 2010 - current models. Thanks!
  7. candletears7

    WTB: Explorer

    Title says it all. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Ideally I'd like a natural, but open to options. Thanks!
  8. candletears7

    WTB: UK Marshall Guv'nor

    $$$ waiting
  9. candletears7

    For Trade (Aust.) - Rare 1980 Silverburst 335-s Pro Deluxe - FEELER

    I recently received this from Gryphon Strings in California. I am in Australia, so bear in mind shipping costs may be more than within the USA, but I am happy to work with an interested buyer. It's a 1980 Gibson 335-s Silverburst Professional Deluxe. Factory coil split, brass nut, Dirty...
  10. candletears7

    anyone got a telecaster body for me?

    I can paypal, send cash, swap gear, build pedals, do a dance, sing down a phone line... prefer something white/ish...but just throwing a line out...
  11. candletears7

    WTB: Gibson SG Custom '67 Reissue triple pickup

    Cant edit my old ad. This is what I want. Hit me.
  12. candletears7

    WTB: Gibson SG Custom

    I may be in a position to purchase my other dream guitar - A Gibson SG Custom triple pickup. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
  13. candletears7

    I'm interested in a 335 style Japanese guitar. What's out there?

    Man I'm GAS' ing hard for a 335 style guitar. Gotta have a solid block through it. A mate of mine has an early Greco SA series. God it's nice. Let's see 'em!
  14. candletears7

    wtb: Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal

    After a Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal. Had one in high school yonks ago and I'm chasing that sound again. Cheers.
  15. candletears7

    Happy Christmas/Holidays/Festivus/Beer-stivus

    Have a good one people. Stay safe. :)
  16. candletears7

    Come to think of it, I've never seen _____ playing a _____.

    Pete Townshend playing a Firebird. Cobain and a Les Paul. Big Bird playing a parsnip.
  17. candletears7

    Aussies - FT - early 90's Gibson Firebird

    1990/91 Firebird. Been through the wars touring and recording for the last 15 years. A total weapon. Full disclosure - pro repaired neck crack about 10 years ago. Still solid as a rock and it just screams. I have a bunch of solidbody humbucker guitars, so am looking for something different...
  18. candletears7

    FS - Delaney Effects modded BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive - boutique killer!

    Hot off the bench, a Delaney Effects modded Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive. In my opinion, stock SD-1's sound boxy and congested, as the bass frequencies are aggressively shelved off. Not this one! Modded for improved fidelity, better bass response and superior bypass, including a socketed hi-fi...
  19. candletears7

    Singer kills band and then suicides

    Terrible stuff. :shock: Four dead in East Williamsburg; musician shoots self on roof after killing bandmates: NYPD - NY Daily News
  20. candletears7

    MLP Meme thread

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