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    FS: Shed Pickups PAF Daddy set (double whites)

    Up for sale is a set of Shed PAF Daddy pickups from the UK. These are as close a match to vintage PAFs as can get, they have Butyrate bobbins, raw german nickel covers, rough cast Alnico IV magnets that measure 7.6K neck and 8.1K bridge, maple spacers - the real deal. they have a very fat yet...
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    So, I have found my dream top, but I feel I need to do something.

    Beautiful guitar, I wouldn't HM it if I were you - age it by playing it. Regarding the tone - if you tried the guitar with different amps and the tonal dissatisfaction persisted I can suggest the below mentioned route, IME/IMO/YMMV, in this order: 1. Pickup height adjustment. start with 1/16 on...
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    NGD - this was unplanned

    HNGD! Keef would approve:
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    What is the worst year?

    How come no one brought up the 2015 CS short tenon "Historics"? with those you get both a structurally inaccurate reissue and a skewed serial number, all in the name of promoting the ostensibly superior (and categorically more expansive) True Historic models. frankly that is even worse than...
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    Another ding. Does marking your guitar bother you, even if it's not the first? One of the reasons I don't like shiny new guitars is that every little scratch or ding sticks out like a sore thumb. Used, aged and reliced guitars on the other hand - don't mind at all. I wish Gibson would have offered a VOS+ option with some...
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    Recently acquired '59 Junior

    Very cool guitar, must have seen a lot of SoCal sun as the red has faded considerably. I had the pleasure to try a '58 single cut Jr. at Rudy's in NYC a couple of months ago and the so called "Louisville Slugger" neck was way more manageable than the pre-'13 Gibson Reissue interpretations...
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    Natural Blondie Half Guard Equire

    Very cool guitar, I think the Reverend (BFG) would approve it.
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    Pre-NGD: 2014 Bourbon Burst R8

    beautiful example of Bourbon Burst, just the right shade in my book.
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    Historic string and plectrum preferences

    Pyramid Pure Nickel 10-46s are my strings of choice for both my Historic LPs and my Strat. I like Dunlop Nylon picks (0.73) and the Fender Heavy Celluloid picks - they both seem to bring out a very punchy, crisp and articulate tone which is more "record" like and that I could never get with...
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    3 Historics...3 duds

    pretty sure they started using steel thumbwheels in 2009, which resonates (no pun intended) with some of the previous posters' claims about pre 2009 being darker. I changed the steel for brass thumbwheels on my '11 R8 and it has tons of low mids, that being said - pickup height (and pickup...
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    FS: 2104 Gibson Les Paul Historic R8 Wildwood Benchmark

    beautiful guitar! are the Wildwood Benchmark models chambered?
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    NGD: HM RDS 2009 R9 Bourbon-y

    looks great!
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    NGD: 2016 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Reissue Slow Iced Tea Fade VOS PSL

    I didn't imply subtlety, to me this is exactly the kind of figuring which makes me stop and stare because there is so much going on between the flame, wood grain, and mineral streaking. It just looks more elegant, real, and vintagey. I just believe most people's idea of a flame top is different...
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    Tips to brighten up sound on 2003 R7

    While people have covered most things I'll throw in my two cents, despite echoing others. In an escalating order of price and needed skills: 1. adjust pole pieces/height. you can retain the output of the pickups by lowering the pickup and raising the pole pieces so they are the same height as...
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    Mike McCready Signature Les Paul

    Super excited about Mike getting a signature model as I'm a big fan of his playing and of his '59 themed guitar line up, but somehow I can't shake a deep "Meh" feeling, maybe its the thought of Henry J.'s band of bean counters cashing in on PJ which makes me less inclined about this than other...
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    Historics Vs. Gibson Custom?

    congrats! looks awesome!
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    NGD: 2016 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Reissue Slow Iced Tea Fade VOS PSL

    I love the top on this guitar, the flame and mineral streaks is very in line with a vintage burst , I much prefer this to the over the top symmetric violin back or tedious tiger stripe tops you often see on contemporary Historics.
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    Why is the LP Special VOS Ebony sells less than their TV Yellow or white counterparts

    AFAIK, the TV yellow and Cherry call for a more troublesome finishing process which includes rubbing the wood filler into a base coat prior to laying out the main coat of paint and the sealer. this is done to accentuate the mahogany grain as seen on older Juniors and Specials. this pic of a...

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