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  1. bum

    NGD 1968 Gretsch Streamliner

    Ohhh, this is a nice one! From initial messing it looks like it hasn't been played much, just honest checking on the headstock and a bit of binding discolouration,. but overall in really nice shape. I have popped a Bigsby on it, no holes needed drilling so all good on that front. Has some nice...
  2. bum

    NAD (Sort of) Mesa Boogie Lone Star

    Hi all! Just got this the other day, love it so far! The cleans are great (I am lucky enough the have a Fender Twin and I like it as much, if not a little more) and so far the gain seems interesting, still dialling that side of things in. I have come from a Bluesbreaker so having all these new...
  3. bum

    Snapped a few pics of my Tele build

    Thought I'd share a few pics, pics are always good! I love this thing, it's a beauty :)
  4. bum

    Les Paul Supreme - Words fail me here

    Just seen this on Facebook posted by what looks like a luthier. I dunno, what's your take on this one guys? He says the wiring was faulty on a Supreme so instead of pulling it all out through the over sized jack plate he's made a cavity cover. Looks bad to me, even the holes in the cover are...
  5. bum

    Jazzcaster build done!

    I've just finished putting this together and it came out good! A few specs: Lindy Fralin pickups Babicz bridge Custom wiring with a varitone and pull knobs for out of phase Warmoth body specced with maple cap and chambered Fender USA neck Schaller strap locks Sounds really nice and beautifully...
  6. bum

    Bluesbreaker 1962 Reissue

    Just got this, awesome! Thought I would post up a few initial pics and post more as I go, first rehearsal with it will be this week, first gig on Friday so I am super excited! 2016 model, barely used. Bone stock, if anyone has any top tips lets chat about them. So far I've tried cleans and...
  7. bum

    NAD - Fender Twin Amp Pro Tube Whatsit Thingy

    I wanted that Fender valve noise for a long time and after trying various amps went and bought this. Came in a full flight case and was regularly serviced as it came from a pro band. I got this as it is usable at lower volumes and has gain channels, I like to use the first gain channel...
  8. bum

    New valves ordered - A question

    Hi guys, you've all been a huge help to me so here I am again! So I ordered 4 pre amp valves for my Gen 1 Vox Night Train 50 watt. Three are the same and one will be for the phase inverter. How can I tell which valve is for the PI and which valve seat does it go in? I have searched online...
  9. bum

    Roller bridge advice

    Hi guys! I have recently added a Bigsby to my Les Paul and wanted to hear peoples opinions on bridge options. Roller bridges - are they good? Recommendations? If not, why not etc. All input gratefully received, I have read so many conflicting things (tone loss etc(
  10. bum

    Cab confusion - gurus needed!

    Hi all! So I have got myself a lovely Vox Night Train 50 watt head and am looking to build a 2 x 12 cab for it. I have the empty cab, so I need some speaker help, I know nothing in this area. Am I right in thinking I need two fifty watt speakers? When I have bought everything I am going...
  11. bum

    How NOT to buy a Bigsby - and also please post yours!

    So here is a life lesson - Don't do what I do, ever. Live by that one simple rule and you'll be alright. I decided I wanted a Bigsby, so I looked around online and found a guy selling a Harley Benton Les Paul with a Bigsby and Vibramate for £120 - Bargain! I don't want or need the guitar...
  12. bum

    Imperial screws for Vibramate

    Hi all, I need your help! I got a used Vibramate for a B7, all is good apart from it came off a guitar with metric screws, and I think I need imperial for a USA Les Paul. I cannot find anywhere that sells just the screws, the stop piece ones. Has anyone got any idea where I could get some /...
  13. bum

    Hearing issues - Help really needed

    Hi guys, I hope this is in the right section. OK, so this is my story! I have recently joined a band that is all long long term friends, I've known them 20 years. I have sort of lucked out because they are great, albums out, I even have a roadie! Life is good. The down side is, I played my...
  14. bum

    Valve bias - Your opinions

    Hi there, I have a Blackstar HT Stage 60 which I really like. I'd like to put some nicer tubes in there but I am now reading about the amp needing biasing and that I should take it to a certified Blackstar shop. So, I guess my question is, how do you guys approach this? What went from a simple...
  15. bum

    Pedal Order discussion

    Hi pedal gurus! I'd like to talk about pedal order and ask opinion on mine: Guitar > Polytune > Wah > Big Muff > TC Spark > Stereo Pulsar Trem > Digitech Ventura Vibe > Delay > amp I am not using my effects loop, just out of preference. How does this look? How do you guys do it...
  16. bum

    NGD - Martin DRS1

    I needed a decent acoustic, shopped around and came to the decision to get this after trying loads. It has a lovely rich warm sound, maybe due to the Sapelle as it is Mahogany pretty much. Solid body, Stratabond neck (which I am a big fan of) and after a setup it is amazing, low action and...
  17. bum

    Ngd - 335 vos 1963

    I am just in awe of this thing, mind blown. I have been looking at 335s for a while and this has just totally and utterly nailed it. Pics!
  18. bum

    NGD Sort off - Sheraton upgrades are done!

    OK so a few weeks ago I got a 2004 Sheraton 2 and love it! I decided to change hardware in it as the woody bits were awesome, but I wanted to push it over the edge from 'great' to 'OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!' So to achieve this the gold hardware has gone, it's now all nickel and upgrades...
  19. bum

    59 on Ebay

    I was just linked this, I have no opinions on it or anything but thought you guys might like to see it :) Gibson guitar 1959 flame Used owned played by John Miles Music Was My First Love | eBay
  20. bum

    When your flametop says 'HI THERE!'

    Most of the time our flametops look amazing, but every now and then when you walk into the room and the lights are at the right angle they look AMAZING. This happened last night and everytime it does it is out of the blue and makes me go 'Woah'. Normal: WELL HELLO THERE! Post yer pics of...

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