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  1. whatshisname

    Intonating With a Peterson HD Strobe Pedal

    Probably a simple question...Should I use the sweetened or standard setting, when intonating my guitars?
  2. whatshisname

    Mythos Chupacabra

    I'm ending my spending spree, today, with a Mythos Chupacabra. It's designed to cover the first few ZZ Top albums, and judging by the demos I've seen, it does it well. Now, I wait for the post office.
  3. whatshisname

    Duncan Custom Shop Pearly Gates Set Ordered!

    I just got a great deal on a set of unpotted Custom Shop Pearly Gates, and just wanted to share. While I wait for them to arrive, do any of you have any experiences with them that you'd like to share?
  4. whatshisname

    Philadelphia Luthier Supply parts compatible with Faber?

    I'm wanting to upgrade my stock bridge and tailpiece studs and bushings, to go with my Faber ABRN and tail. I found these
  5. whatshisname

    I Just Ordered a Faber ABRN Bridge and Lightweight Tailpiece.

    I've been curious about these for quite a long time, and decided to pull the trigger. I'm excited to see how it changes, and hopefully improves, my '11 Traditional.
  6. whatshisname

    HCS Twins- Decided to buy a '20 Epi Standard.

    Without getting into details, these past two years have been a living Hell. But, I survived, and was finally able to get back to work, to attempt to put my life back together. On Monday, I decided to reward myself, and my new 2020 Epiphone Inspired by Gibson Les Paul Standard showed up this...
  7. whatshisname

    Supro Blues King 8 Opinions? (Updated- It's here!)

    I recently won a Blues King 8, and am interested in hearing from anyone who owns, or has experience, with one. There are only a few videos on YouTube, and not a lot of other reviews to be found online. Everything I have come across does sound very positive, though! Any additional thoughts or...
  8. whatshisname

    Early '90s Fender Les Paul Style Model Question

    Does anyone remember a setneck singlecut model that Fender made for a very short time, in the early '90s? I've been searching everywhere, but I can't find a single thing online.
  9. whatshisname

    2009 Gibson USA Traditional 1959 ltd. Run

    Aside from very limited information on, there is nothing on the internet. Do any of you have any further knowledge of this guitar? Thanks!
  10. whatshisname

    Surprise inside of my 2011 Les Paul Traditional

    I bought a used 2011 Trad just over a year ago, and was told that it was completely stock. A while back I took a look inside the control cavity, and realised that the electronics had been upgraded. I wasn't going to complain about that, besides, it would have been a bit too late anyway...
  11. whatshisname

    Epi Les Paul Horn

    Am I crazy, or do modern Epiphone Les Pauls have a more rounded off, blunt, horn, in comparison to their Gibson counterparts?
  12. whatshisname

    2011 Traditional Electronics Question

    Could anyone who owns a 2011 Traditional (the normal one- not Pro, etc...) please provide a picture of your control cavity, and stock electronics? Thanks in advance!
  13. whatshisname

    2005 Heritage Cherry Sunburst Standard Faded

    Unchambered '05 Les Paul Standard Faded Completely Stock I'd like to get around $1500, but, make me an offer.
  14. whatshisname

    Thinking of selling my 2005 Faded Les Paul Standard. Advice?

    I have a 2005 Cherry Sunburst Faded Standard, I'm thinking of selling. It's in great condition, except for a bit of wear in the finish wear I rest my pinky. But, in the mean time, what's the going rate for these, these days? Oh, BTW, it's not chambered (I know this is important, to a lot of...
  15. whatshisname

    Special Request, for Mustang III (and up) Owners!

    Hey, guys. I've gotten a few really nice Michael Schenker settings, on my Mustang I, but, I see that there is a preset called "MSG Lead" (I believe it's #55?). Would any of you very kindly look into this preset, and please let me know what all of the settings are for it? I would really...

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