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    FS: Shed Pickups PAF Daddy set (double whites)

    Up for sale is a set of Shed PAF Daddy pickups from the UK. These are as close a match to vintage PAFs as can get, they have Butyrate bobbins, raw german nickel covers, rough cast Alnico IV magnets that measure 7.6K neck and 8.1K bridge, maple spacers - the real deal. they have a very fat yet...
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    Tweed Deluxe into closed back cab?

    I've been looking at building one for quite some time and was wondering what it would sound like running a closed back 1X12 or 2X12 cab but found no account of such an interesting pairing. would love to hear from anyone who tried as I may build it in a head case eventually.
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    well, it actually happened a week ago but I didn't have the time to post it. first of all New Book Day - I got my copy of "Beauty of the Burst" in the mailbox. excellent stuff, I was hoping for some pics from the production line but other than that it's perfect - plenty of Burst goodness in...
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    choosing an entry level acoustic

    hey all, been toying with the idea of getting an inexpensive acoustic guitar. tone is important but what is most important is a neck as similar as possible to my R8 (chunky C-shaped). at the moment I'm looking at the Yamaha FG730S, Breedlove D/MMe and OM/MMe. anyone has experience with these...
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    anyone playing 9s?

    hi all, I've been playing 10-46 exclusively on my LPs (Gibson nickel plated first, then DR Pure Blues exclusively, now contemplating trying Pyramid). recently I started wondering whether I'm better off with 9-42s as these made the Strat I had sound a ton better than with 10-46 but that may stem...
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    Parts: Faber, Gotoh, Knobs...etc.

    hey, I'm selling the following parts (all were installed on a Les Paul Traditional for less than a year): Gotoh aluminum tailpiece - a great upgrade to recent Les Pauls with the Zinc tailpiece, there's a reason the 50's-60's Gibsons had Alu tailpieces and it's not just for their light weight...
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    choosing pickups

    I've been fiddling with the idea of shopping for some high-end pickups for my recently acquired R8 but I really don't know where to begin. I'm partial to low output A2s but still - there's just a tremendous selection at roughly the same price and so I find my self listening to demos of...
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    middle position on 50's wiring

    hey, with a guitar sporting 50's wiring and the selector set to the middle position - would turning down one volume control to zero while the other is dimed mute the guitar?
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    anyone replaced their Historic ABR-1?

    hey, I'd like to know whether anyone around here found the need to change the newer wireless ABR1 on their Historic to an aftermarket one (Callaham, Faber, TonePros, Pigtail etc. etc.) and what were the differences in design or material between the Historic and the replacement bridge. thanks!
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    2011 R8 case candy - what should be there?

    hey, I may pick up an '11 R8 in the next few days. what should be in the case aside from the Owner's Manual, Inspection Card and COA?
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    Nylon Nuts - when where they introduce?

    hey, considering getting a NOS 2009 R7. what are the odds of it having a nylon nut? what about recent (2012) models? do R7s and R8s sport nylon nuts or is this a feature only apparent on R9s?
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    2012 laminated board serial

    I've been GASing for a VOS '58 and the two layer board made me feel I'd better snatch an '11 R8 while they last. problem is - they didn't last. saw a beautiful R8 in Washed Cherry at the local Gibson distributer, only problem was the serial is 8 22XX. can anyone tell whether thats pre or...
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    FS: Wampler Ecstasy

    up for sale is my Wampler Ecstasy overdrive. often praised for it's Dumble inspired tone but also great in the "Open" mode as clean/low gain boost and can do the boiling thing too with the "Crunch" mode which sounds great for that fuzzy break up tube tone. pedal is immaculate except I've put...
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    Tech21 Character Series Blonde

    Tech 21's Character series take on a Fender tone. great for those thumpy Bassman-ish tones (but does cool BF tones too) and also makes a nice dirt pedal going from slight drive to fuzzy tweed drive to creamy higher gain sounds. notice this is the V1 version without the speaker sim switch...
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    FS: Fender CIJ '62 Reissue Strat

    for sale is my late 90's (P051XXX serial) Crafted in Japan 1962 RI Strat. Features: - ST62-58US model (Fender US Vintage Reissue pickups) - 3 Tone Sunburst finish - Rosewood Fretboard - Steel bridge saddles - Rewired by me to 50's wiring with Alpha pots, CTRL 5-way switch, vintage...
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    stepping up from a Trad to a VOS

    I bought a Traditional last September - my first LP ever. I love it - upgraded it with Faber bridge parts, aluminum tailpiece, Jonsey's 500XL CTS pots, Russian PIO caps from USSRtubes, better plastics etc. and it's now pretty much exactly what I wanted in a Les Paul tone and look wise, I'm...
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    Princeton Reverb '65 Reissue

    I've been contemplating getting one of these for jamming at home and recording. I'm opting for a Snowy White kind of vibe and currently using a Blues Jr. III bone stock (except JJ power tubes). found loads of vids on youtube and a lot of reviews but nearly all of them are by Strat and Tele...
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    Aluminum TP

    hey all, today I received some parts I ordered from GuitarPartsResource for my new LP Trad including Gotoh's Aluminum tail piece. I kept the strings (a less than a month old, lightly played Gibson Les Paul pure nickel .010-.046) and even kept the amp on standby during the change as to not...
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    to mod or not to mod...?

    hey, thinking about doing the 50's wiring with PIOs and 500K CTS pots on my 2 weeks old LP Trad. I set up and maintain all my guitars by myself and have witnessed drastic increase in tone quality and responsiveness in the past with redoing my MIJ Strat and '62 AVRI Jazz Bass harnesses with...
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    some more pics of my new Trad

    can't stop playing and staring my new LP!

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