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  1. stephenwz968

    52 Trapeze tailpiece problem

    An automotive machine shop would be able to make you a new one using your existing one as a template.
  2. stephenwz968

    1952 Goldtop at CME

    My '52 is sweet and dark in the neck position, the bridge has a lot of bite without being ice pick. It's my go to guitar, even with the hum at gigs from the lights, etc, I never fail to be impressed with the tone.
  3. stephenwz968

    1952 Goldtop Neck Set Issues

    I also have a '52 (early run without binding/diagonal bridge pup screws) and with the Mojoaxe tailpiece it plays perfectly. It's my Excalibur and there is something magic about it....
  4. stephenwz968

    1956 Jr back from Uncle Greg

    Super sweet!
  5. stephenwz968

    FS: Rosser Goldtop Wraptail Singlecut Darkback

    Same guitar - and that's me, LOL!
  6. stephenwz968

    Single cut MCI 60's neck F/S

    Wow, that is a steal of a price!
  7. stephenwz968

    2001 Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul Standard

    Griffin is a fantastic guy, and very easy to work with! Plus, his gear selection is always top notch - buy with confidence!
  8. stephenwz968

    1960 Les Paul Special Headstock Repair - Greg Platzer is a Wizard

    Wow, amazing work, as always, from BCRGreg!
  9. stephenwz968

    1958 or 1955 LP Junior Restoration

    Lookin great!
  10. stephenwz968

    I finally installed the Mojoaxe tail...

    I have one on my unbound '52 as well - they play great with this 'mod'!
  11. stephenwz968

    2013 Rosser SCII (LP Special)

    I've owned several of Michael's builds, and they are amazing. He's done refin work for me as well, and it's top notch. I'm sure this is one incredible axe!
  12. stephenwz968

    1968 Les Paul Goldtop original

    Fantastic seller here, and a great guy to boot!
  13. stephenwz968

    NVGD 1959 DC Junior

    Sweet! Happy NVGD!
  14. stephenwz968

    Flame top les paul axcess for sale

    That is bada$$! Good luck with the sale!
  15. stephenwz968

    FS/FT: Victoria Victoriette 6L6 40 Watt 2x10 2009 Brown Tolex

    Great amp, and a great guy to do a deal with!
  16. stephenwz968

    FS/FT: Premium hearing aids

    Great guy to work with!
  17. stephenwz968

    Trapeze options/solutions.

    I've had both the Glaser and Mojoaxe. I prefer the Mojoaxe, as it's got some adjustment for the height. I called Glaser and spoke to him directly when I had that one made. Steve
  18. stephenwz968

    Trapeze options/solutions.

    Love my Mojoaxe Trap - I'm a heavy handed player as well, and it's been great, no issues whatsoever.
  19. stephenwz968

    Fs/Ft- Rare Gibson Custom Shop Es335 Silverburst

    Great seller - wish I had some extra $$$!

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