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  1. Loko

    FS - Epiphone VJ Stack

    For sale is my Epiphone Valve Junior stack the I picked up a little over a year ago. This has sat in my apt and been played on and off. No issues, no blemishes, just a good, clean, bare bones amp. Head + Cab for $180. I will post more pics once my camera charges up. CONUS, PAYPAL...
  2. Loko

    Accessories for sale -Shure-Monster-Mic Stand-

    Shure SM 57 - $80 This was purchased a few months ago and was only used in house a few times, other than that, it just sat around. 20' Monster Mic Cable (P500) - $40 Purchased at the same time as the mic, in house use when not sitting around. 21' Monster Rock cable (guitar lead) -...
  3. Loko

    FS - PRS SE Singlecut Tobacco

    For sale is my PRS SE Singlecut in Tobacco Sunburst. This is a nice playing guitar with good looks at a great price. I am looking for $350, buyer pays shipping and paypal fees. CONUS. UPS. PAYPAL. If you have any questions or want more pictures just send me a PM with your e-mail and I will...
  4. Loko

    FS - Metro 50w Plexi with orange globe N.O.S in V1

    Times are still a little rough for me at the moment so it is time that I part with another piece of equipment. Up for sale is my Metro Amp 50w plexi with the lead specs, N.O.S. CC resistors, N.O.S. Orange Globe in V1, and SOZO caps. I am looking to get $850 for the amp and the buyer pays...
  5. Loko

    Pick guard on or off...

    Ok, so this may not be a thread about whether or not I should have the guard on or off. But, it is yet another chance for the R7 to flaunt itself shamelessly uncovered in some afternoon sunlight. Enjoy!
  6. Loko

    New 2009 R7 GT thanks to Brett out at Eddies!

    Yesterday at about 3:30 I hear the UPS truck come around the corner and like a little kid on Christmas morning, I run out to see what he has for me. And sure enough, it is my 2009 Gibson R7 GT! Big shout out to Brett out at Eddie's Guitars for the killer deal on one killer R7! They were very...
  7. Loko

    Feeler 2007 Gibson SG '61 RI

    This is just a feeler for my 2007 Gibson SG '61 RI, I've got some nasty GAS and GAS-X isn't working ;). It is in excellent condition it only has 3 tiny dings in the nitro that you have to hold the guitar at an angle to see (I will try to get a picture of those if it is possible. There is a...
  8. Loko

    How can I get good quality audio into my video?

    Ok, hope there is someone here who can help me with this. What I have to work with is a Coolpix S550 (not bad video), Shure SM57, Pod Studio UX2 (for my mic pre), Ableton Live 7 lite, and Reason Adapted. I guess what I am lookoing for is how exactly do or can I even replace the audio in the...
  9. Loko

    Why corporations don't expand in the U.S. (and go overseas)

    Interesting little article, twords the end you will see that fortune 500 companies don't even think about looking at America for expansion. The Assault on Growth | Articles | Homepage
  10. Loko

    Metro 50w plexi build - pics!!!

    So I just decided that I sould just do it so now I will have a plexi kit on my doorstep in 2 days! From what I read and hear these things are TITS and for the price and that I get to build it and make sure that it is all perfect... this is a no brainer. I can live without the Marshall tag (and...
  11. Loko

    lol? What is up with this slash stuff? Am I missing something?

    Marshall 1984 2203 JCM800 lead series amplifier head - eBay (item 120379983608 end time Feb-24-09 07:45:42 PST)
  12. Loko

    JCM 800 vs 800 KK

    So I'm thinking about getiing the KK since it is supposed to be a 800 but with 2 signal paths? and KT88's. Other than that is there much difference? Because there is a pretty big price difference between the two (KK being less expensive... or cheaper?).
  13. Loko

    I should be writing a paper...

    Umm... yea... I have a 5 page paper due tomorrow, and I need to study for a test and finish up a power point, and I havent started it yet. Looks like it's time to get all jacked up on mt dew, who else seems to have this problem and how do you make yourself not wait until the very last minute?
  14. Loko

    My first video

    This is a video that I did today when I got bored, sound and all is my Nikon Coolpix S550 audio is Line 6 UX2 into GearBox to my JVC bookshelf system. Song is For the love of god by Steve Vai, I have only learned about 2min of the song and there are mistakes but all in all I don't think it's...
  15. Loko

    Audio-technica M50

    Wasn't sure if there was a place for this so I'll put it here, feel free to move if needed. So, I got in my new M50's today and let me tell you I am VERY pleased! Granted I'm new to the monitor headphone scene and I'm coming from American Audio HP 700 (could be called shit for short) but the...
  16. Loko


  17. Loko

    Just got my Tiny Terror!

    So I get a ride over to my parents house in hopes that it has already arrived but no, 5:30 and nothing... 6:30... then finally 7 rolls around and the UPS guy shows up! Got it all unpacked and set up and let it warm up to room temp before I plugged it in and clicked in my dads les paul and let...
  18. Loko

    Pod studio UX2

    So, I just picked up a UX2 (well I traded in my Fender crap I mean champ 600) and let me tell ya... it was worth every penny! I'm playin as loud as I can stand with some good headphones and my neighbors will never know :dude: A must for someone living in an apartment, like myself :thumb:
  19. Loko


    Hey, I'm Tim and have only been playing for about a year now but mostly just the past few months since I have quite a bit of free time at the moment. I'm 22 and I live in Iowa and I am currently going to college for my 4yr Management on top of my 2yr Telecom Technology. I stumbled across this...

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