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  1. prs97


    Dear Ted, This one is for you. Good job, dick. Thanks for letting me vent MLP.
  2. prs97

    Anybody seen my patience?

    Anyone seen the patience that I used to have? I could have sworn that I had a tiny bit somewhere but for the life of me I can't seem to find it. Maybe it ran off with the mailman or went out for a pack of smokes and decided to never look back. After a very trying year+ on the home front with...
  3. prs97

    Graphic design in the Chicago area

    Anybody in a graphic design/art industry in the Chicago area? If so and you could possible help with an internship, can you send me a PM? Thanks in advance!
  4. prs97

    I could use some help. Heavy psychology within.

    A call for help from the MLP community. TL;DR version first: My wife's younger brother passed away last month. It sounds like the cause of death may now be ready for the family to learn but I have no idea how to handle this and am fearful as to the worst being yet to come. Now the long...
  5. prs97

    Kitchen cabinet install question

    Looking for some MLP contractor/renovator advice. Anybody got a foolproof idea on how to cut out the face of a cabinet to install a farmhouse sink? We're renovating our kitchen and I need to cut the face out of a brand new cabinet designed for a farmhouse sink that the Mrs loves (she...
  6. prs97

    NAD - Peavey Classic 20

    New Amp Day! Was struggling to bond with my H&K TubeMeister 18 and finally decided to do something about it. I tried an Orange OR15 which was cool but I was looking for something with 2 channels. Next was an Egnater Tweaker which was cool but didn't support a foot switch. Next on the list...
  7. prs97

    2015 to 2016 transition

    Not trying to kick a hornets nest but found this interesting on how things are changing. I was in Sam Ash yesterday and they were reducing the prices on the 2015 models since the 2016 models are out early and they are also removing all of the G-Force tuners & replacing the tuners with Grovers...
  8. prs97

    Small amp for Rush tones

    I'm looking for a small amp to get my Rush ya-yas out. I bought a H & K Tubemeister 18 a while ago but I'm not digging it as much as I would have thought. It seems a bit muddy with the Les Paul's middle/neck pickup but it seems to do better with the bridge pickup and hotter pickups like PRS...
  9. prs97

    Anyone buy/sell via

    Anybody buy stuff via I've got my eye on something there but it's a lot of coin and am a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on it. (It's also here on the MLP classifieds but I guess I'm just skittish about buying from something other than an online store/brick & mortar store) I read...
  10. prs97

    Our own Freddy G gets a shout out in Guitar Player magazine

    A big shout out to our own Freddy G. who is mentioned in this month's Guitar Player magazine (Oct 2014). There is an article about John Wesley and Alex Lifeson appeared on his album. When GP asks Alex about what guitar he used, he says: "I recently had my Hentor Sportscaster refurbished by...
  11. prs97


    I've been a techie for the last dozen years and I'm totally fried. Years of fixing stuff in the middle of the night and jumping whenever the crackberry buzzes with an email, which occurs every 2 seconds. Expectations from pointy haired management to fix complicated systems with too few...
  12. prs97

    NGD- Axcess

    Picked this up yesterday- An Iced Tea Axcess with a super flamey top. I played it for a few hours and I'm really digging it. It's got that great Les Paul tone and the wiggle stick so I can get my Rush yayas out. The neck profile is slimmer than my R9 and thicker than the skinny slim taper...
  13. prs97

    question- piezo & chambered Les Paul

    Does anybody have any info about installing a piezo into a chambered model Les Paul? I have a hankering for a Lifeson model but it's a bit pricey for me at the moment. I was thinking about picking up a used Axcess and installing a piezo into it. I'm pretty certain the Lifeson models are...
  14. prs97

    Lefty Elmo...this one's for you

    Buy Gibson Custom Shop ‘59 Les Paul Left-Handed Electric Guitar Iced Tea | Gibson Custom Shop Historic Les Pauls 1958-1960 | The Music Zoo | 92417 Saw this one while window shopping online.
  15. prs97

    Piezo question

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone make or know of a piezo system for an ABR-1 tune-o-matic bridge? I've found ones that require a nashville bridge but haven't found anything for an ABR-1. I'm kicking around the idea of putting a piezo on a '90s era LP Classic. I've done a lot of reading and...
  16. prs97

    Business/Manager related message board?

    Hi Everyone, My wife and I recently got promoted from being technical types to management at our respective companies and are trying to deal with the changes, new challenges (read: headaches), etc. Does anyone know of a business related, non-industry specific type message board that may...
  17. prs97

    NGD- R9 for me

    Hi Everyone, I just recently got my R9, my 1st historic Les Paul. It's a 2000 in lemonburst and plays and sounds great. I was looking for an R9 for a while (thanks to all the discussions and eye candy on this board) and glad I took the leap, despite what my wallet was saying at the time. I'm...
  18. prs97

    2000 R9 vs 2007 R9

    Hi Everyone, I did a search for some year by year comparisons of R9s/historics but didn't find much so I figured I'd put up a post. I'm thinking about 2 R9s that I found and are in my budget. 2007 iced tea, really nice top. Very uniform flame and not as "vintage" in the pattern and top...
  19. prs97

    Shopping for Historics

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking for a while and have posted briefly (trying to read more and learn) and am gassing something serious for an R9. I've found several places from this forum & others that look good for places to shop. Are there others that I might be missing? So far, I've...

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