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  1. Nickzephead92

    Needed: Agile AL-3000 or higher

    Hey all, I am in search of a used Agile AL-3000, AL-3100 or AL-3200. Top preference would be an AL-3200 MCC in Oceanburst. I’m sure someone here could help! Please reach out to me with what you have. Thanks!
  2. Nickzephead92

    Heritage H-150’s... Show them off!

    Hey guys! I’ll start with mine... I recently was able to re-acquire a Heritage H-150. I have owned a few of them over the years but this one is something else! This one was built in 1995 in Dirty Lemon Burst. From what I can see, this color is rare for the time it was built. The top is very...
  3. Nickzephead92

    WTB Heritage

    Hey all, I’m in the market to get a Heritage for $1200 or less. I have seen some in that range in the past on here. I realize with inflation over the years it might be more difficult to find something in that price point. Never hurts to check though! I’d be interested in H-150’s, H-140’s...
  4. Nickzephead92

    Monster Top Heritage H-150. Job loss sale. Must see!

    This is one amazing machine. I mean look at that top... Sadly and due to unforeseen circumstances my 2008 monster top H-150 is up for grabs. Due to the loss of my job within the next couple of weeks, and with a baby due in a couple months, I just can’t afford to keep this beauty. On to the...
  5. Nickzephead92

    Any Heritage H-150’s out there?

    Hey all, Does anyone have a nice Heritage H-150 for sale out there? I already have one, but I want more. Cherryburst or lighter colored bursts preferred! Somebody help cure my GAS! Thanks!
  6. Nickzephead92

    $800 SHIPPED/PAYPALLED TONIGHT ONLY. FS: Natural Relic 2003 Les Paul Classic

    UPDATE: Baby on the way sale. $800 Paypalled and Shipped to the CONUS. Hey everyone, Up for sale, sadly, is my main guitar. I have owned dozens of Les Pauls in my time and this one has always been my favorite by far. This Les Paul is a tone monster, plays extremely easily and is super lively...
  7. Nickzephead92

    NGD! Heritage convert...

    Hey all, I NEVER post NGD threads but I’m over the moon with my newest acquisition. I’ve owned at least 45 Gibson Les Pauls over the years but a lot of newer Gibson USA products never felt quite right or were a somewhat hit or a complete miss. I had wanted to try a Heritage H-150 for years...
  8. Nickzephead92

    FS/FT: 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. A flamey beast!

    Hey everyone, Up for grabs is my 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional in either Honeyburst or Caramelburst. Why you ask? I NEED a slim 60's neck! This in one beast of a Les Paul! 2013 Traditionals had some pretty cool features such as the "late 50's" neck profile, no weight relief, Orange Drop...
  9. Nickzephead92

    WTB: PRS S2 Starla, Custom, Singlecut, Vela

    Hey all, As the title says, I'm looking to get a PRS S2 Starla, Custom 22/24, Singlecut, or Vela for a decent price. The Starla would be my main choice but I am open to the other three. I have an S2 Mira already, and I am a believer. Feel free to send me a PM with what you have! Thanks!
  10. Nickzephead92

    Wanted: MJT or Fender Road Worn

    Hey everyone, Does anyone have an MJT, or Fender Road Worn Strat OR Tele that they are looking to part with? I'm in need of a great workhorse with that "broken in" feel. Lately, I have been connecting with my Fender guitars more and I want to add another to the stable. I like Strat's and Tele's...
  11. Nickzephead92

    FS: PRICE DROP! $950 flash sale!!!! 2014 Les Paul Signature.

    Hey everyone, Today I’ve got a steal of a deal for one of you lucky forum brothers... I’ve been bitten by the 70’s Strat bug and need to raise some funds! I’m offering up my 2014 Gibson Les Paul Signature in Vintage Sunburst. This guitar is a dream to play! The neck profile feels great and is...
  12. Nickzephead92

    FS: $850 shipped today only! 2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic Gold Top.

    Here is my 2005 Les Paul Classic Gold Top. Appears to be all stock except for what looks like a locking bridge and tailpiece (tonepros?). Comes with OHSC, black with white interior. There are some small dings, some finish swirling, some light belt rash and a ROCK SOLID headstock repair. I am...
  13. Nickzephead92

    Is my Truss Rod screwed?

    Hey all, Hopefully you can help. Is the truss rod on my beloved L6-S something to be concerned about? It adjusts fine, but should I be concerned about it eventually running out? Thanks!
  14. Nickzephead92

    FS: Mid 90's Epiphone Les Paul Standard. $275 shipped.

    Hey all, Up for grabs is my 1995-1996 Korean made Epiphone Les Paul Standard in Cherry Sunburst. As many of us know, the Korean Epi craftsmanship is usually superior to Chinese or Indonesian made Epi's. This one is in great shape for being 20. The frets have about 75-80% of life left in them...
  15. Nickzephead92

    FS: Great cheap beater Les Paul. 2014 LPJ.

    Hey everyone! This listing is for my 2014 Gibson Les Paul LPJ 120th Anniversary model from 2014 with a 50's profile neck. This is a wonderful, inexpensive, player's Les Paul that is essentially a Les Paul Studio with a satin finish. This guitar has all of that classic Les Paul tone that we...
  16. Nickzephead92

    FS: Edwards Limited model LP with Bare Knuckle Juggernauts. Tobacco Burst. Nice flame

    Hey everyone, Up for sale reluctantly, is my 2007 Edwards Limited Model LP. This is part of the Lacquer Taste series and has a Lacquer top coat with a nice patina, similar to a VOS finish. This guitar has a few dings and very minor small surface scratches here and there. There is one ding on...
  17. Nickzephead92

    SOLD! Get your Greeny or Pagey on! 2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded

    Hey everyone, I just received this gorgeous 2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded in trade and I am putting it up on the block. Why you ask? I am just not getting along with the featherweight feel of a chambered Les Paul and I have to gather some funds for a trip to Nashville next month...
  18. Nickzephead92

    WTB: PAF style Humbuckers

    Hey all, As the title says, I'm looking for a set of PAF style Humbuckers that are relatively inexpensive. Roughly $220 or under for a pair is all my budget allows. Output between 7.5k-9k is preferred. Please PM me with anything you have. I hope someone can help me out! :fingersx: Thanks!
  19. Nickzephead92

    WTB: Gibson LP Studio on the cheap...

    Hey all, As the title says, I'm looking for a used Les Paul Studio for $700 or less. I know there are some out there in that range... Solid repairs are fine as long as they are priced accordingly. Dings, dents and scratches are preferred. Who's got one? :thumb: PM me with what you may...
  20. Nickzephead92

    FS: Late 1940's/Early 1950's Harmony Monterey Archtop Acoustic

    Hey all! Up for sale is my late 40's/early 50's Harmony Monterey Archtop acoustic. Here is a link to my reverb ad with description: Price for MLP buyers is a mere $250 plus $40 shipping to the CONUS via UPS...

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