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  1. slapshot

    Tokai vs Navigator: Irrational Pricing?

    What complete fucking gibberish. I stopped here. You clearly don’t know shit from good chocolate. Obviously you missed the simple concept of played V new. Species or age irrelevant. But yeah nice try thanks for playing
  2. slapshot

    Tokai vs Navigator: Irrational Pricing?

    30 years of wood use and playing can't be built into a new navigator.find a well worn ls-80 is like your favourite thongs.Model number stroking is utterly ridiculous especially when all it's going to do is get posted on the internet then hung on a wall. In 30 years I could be saying the same...
  3. slapshot

    NGD '77 Burny - I'm still in shock

    original tuners what a fucking bonus
  4. slapshot

    70-80s Yamaha Super Rock 'n' Rollers

    550 is a nice accurate well made 50s strat copy. 2 pc body 1pc neck kluson type tuners pressed bridge ect. Downside the pickups were a little boring 'or 60s' sounding. But overall solid piece of gear. They were only made for a cpl of years. Don't pay too much for it though
  5. slapshot

    Rewiring a LP TV Model

    **** mate getting a pot shouldn't be so hard. Inbox me you're address I'll sort you out with what you need
  6. slapshot

    Rewiring a LP TV Model

    What switch is on an LP Jr?
  7. slapshot

    Can you help to ID my Burny Super Grade?

    Yeah I could help But I'm not going to
  8. slapshot

    So, who went to see Star Wars?

    thats a bit of a pipedream.20th century owns the dvd ect distro rights till 2020 (think the years right?) of the original and prequel trilogy but they'll always own ep 4.disney has the digital rights to everything now except ep 4 which they'll never own. so yeah closest you'll get is an old VHS...
  9. slapshot

    So, who went to see Star Wars?

    opening day.opening was the best thing I have seen since Empire Strikes Back.
  10. slapshot

    So today I gave up caffeine.

    that reads like a step sideways from meth
  11. slapshot

    So today I gave up caffeine.

  12. slapshot

    $Silly Money MIJ's?

    only at their own pathetic attempts to inflate the prices with lies,bull**** and showboating.
  13. slapshot

    MIJ refinish experiences
  14. slapshot

    Rinkya - OK to use?

    consider using someone else bad experiences.all of them.horrible. it's not ok to use rinkya the most expensive biggest waste of money in the history of buying from japan appreciate you appreciating it :thumb:
  15. slapshot


    da fuk??? i thought you at least lived in Sydney :laugh2: that just opens up so much material I dunno where to even start :cool:
  16. slapshot

    Navigator and Brazilian Rosewood

    Dalbergia Nigra is the labcoat name for brazilian rosewood and has been referred to as jacaranda. Jacaranda is also a completely different genus has purple trumpet flowers and isn't a rosewood. Theres a rosewood grown in asia commonly referred to as 'jacaranda rosewood' that while...
  17. slapshot


    hi rudy.i'll be down in a cpl of weeks ya wanna throw the old pigskin around and run a few plays? leave the union tutu at home brah :thumb: I know right? Especially how the internet has shrunk the world of commerce to a few keystrokes & taken down borders. That's why it's important to...
  18. slapshot

    The Unofficial Official Anything Burny Theory, Photo, & ID Related Thread

    looks original but it is it's been opened up at some point maybe repaired or rewound
  19. slapshot

    What is it with the discrepancies in vintage MIJ prices?

    greed dishonesty talking up some mystique to further inflate prices scammers uneducated buyers & sellers liars people willing to pay anything to be able to show off on forums a very few are high spec vintage re-issues long before their respective companies were even considering a vintage...
  20. slapshot

    TNGD - Burny

    it matters.kind of a lot too. when you have both pickups on they're out of phase and sound thin. Some people do it on purpose but generally they do it with the neck anyway.

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