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    My New Ace Frehley 59 TH

    The neck is certainly a little slimmer than your traditional R 9. I've played a lot of the Ace 59' s and the neck is very consistent in that it tends to be a bit slimmer for a 59. I'll post some non dealer pics in a bit.
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    My New Ace Frehley 59 TH

    I waited for a long time until I found what I thought was the perfect 59. I looked at a lot of these for the past few years until I got the one with the right top, color , feel and tone. It's a keeper.
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    Gibson Custom Shop Ace Frehley ‘59 Burst VOS R9 True Historic 1959 Limited Edition

    I just joined the forum because I have interest in this guitar. Are you located in the US and will you ship to Canada? I can provide all references, information, etc if we can settle on the details. Thanks

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