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    Boss me 80, have you used one?

    They seem ok, but what I want to know is, are there more parameters you can adjust than just the one knob for the reverb? it has a stinky little knob that only has 4 settings. am i missing something?
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    How important is the guitar to the sound playing live?

    Once you have all the amps and stuff and crank them up, does it make much of a difference if you have a wonderful Gibson or the bottom of the heap, an Ibanez.?
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    Multi effects box

    do you know any good ones? Are there any particular brands that make good products? for a good price I mean.
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    Storing a Les Paul.

    I haven't played my LP in a long time. Do you think I should de string it while it sits in its case? I need to change the strings anyway.
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    Do you believe a guitar ...

    gets better with age? Or do you think it sounds the way it always did? I believe it sounds the way it always did when it was made. what say you?
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    Les Paul Studio

    What's the difference between a studio and a Trad? not a joke. they are cheaper in price. why's that?
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    Educate a nooby please.

    Im looking for an amp to go with my les paul. Not for band use really, just something that sounds great. Do you recommend a tube amp? refresh my memory about tube amps and capacitors or whatever they are.
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    What pickups would these be?

    Can you tell by a picture? It's off a 2005 classic. I have read that people don't like the standard ones and replace them with 57's.
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    I don't really like the gold top

    It's the Liberace signature model. It looks like it's from the disco era.
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    Whats with a maple top?

    Im a nooby here can you tell me about maple tops, do they get a better sound?
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    What is a traditional LP?

    And how would you rate it over a classic?
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    Is this a real Classic or fake?

    It's supposed to be a classic but it has "Classic" in the bell shaped truss cover. but then it has "Les Paul classic" in stead of "model" how do I put a picture into the posting here?

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