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    FS several pedals priced right!!

    I have I few pedals that I don't use that need to go. Price includes shipping to U.S. MXR Carbon copy analog delay with original box- $65.00 SOLD to stamminen Ibanez Ts808 Tube Screamer- Velcro on back and a few chips in paint but in good shape. No box - $65.00 SOLD to tele0123 Digitech...
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    WTT Fender American Standard

    I have a mint 3 color sunburst Fender American Standard Stratocaster. 2013 comes with everything that it came with. I would like to trade it for a nice acoustic guitar. I can get more info if needed. Thanks Kevin
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    WTB - Looking for a set of Guitarforce LOTB pups

    I see Kevin isn't currently taking orders. Anyone have a set of the Lord of the Blues pups they would part with? Thanks
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    WTB - MXR Carbon Copy

    Anyone have a Carbon Copy they want to sell?
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    Problem with pickup toggle switch?

    I have a problem with the pickup toggle switch on my Les Paul. I thought. I noticed that the neck pickup wasn't working when the switch was in the middle position. If I barely touched the switch, The neck pickup would work but the bridge wouldn't. If I switched to the neck pickup, it would...
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    Great deal on Egnater Tweaker 88

    Great deal on an Egnater Tweaker 88. Regular price $899.00 Egnater Tweaker-88 88W Tube Guitar Amp Head | Musician's Friend
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    Bias question. Won't bias to desired mv.

    Please excuse the ignorance but I am kind of new to tube amps and especially biasing. I tried checking the bias on the Egnater Rebel 20 that I have and found the bias low. The EL84 side was at 18.7mv (should be 45mv) and the 6v6 side was at 19.9mv (should be at 40mv). The problem is that the...
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    Trade: VoxAC4TV Combo

    I have a Vox AC4TV combo amp that I'm not using and would be interested in trading. The amp is in great condition and very little time on it. I am interested in maybe pedals, pickups, etc, nothing in particular. If you are interested, just let me know what you have laying around and maybe we...
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    Egnater rebel 20 Should i pull the trigger?

    I have been looking for a good 18 to 20w amp. Right now all I have is my Vox Ac4tv and while its good at its intended purpose, its just not cutting it any more. I'm into playing everything from blues to classic rock to Alice in Chains. Someone on my local Craigslist has a rebel 20 head...
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    Help! New to pedals--Bad feedback

    I've been learning to play for about 6 months now so I'm new to all this. I bought my first pedal yesterday (SC-2 Hardwire Valve Distortion) and the guitar is unplayable with the pedal hooked up. I've used the search but kept getting the wrong hits. I have a newer Gibson Les Paul Studio with...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. Looking for some feedback on an amp. I was at guitar center trying a few amps (line 6 IV) when I came across a used crate v series v18-112 tube amp. The amp sounded great. Before I plunk down the money I thought I would ask for comments on this amp here...

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