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  1. RufusTelestrat

    This is why we cannot have Brazilian Rosewood any more

    Hmm seems like they could make a lot of finger boards. So apparently Cities is more interested in saving the rain forest than the country who owns the land.
  2. RufusTelestrat

    NGD: 2016 Les Paul Standard '58 Tobacco burst

    More photos tomorrow in the sun.
  3. RufusTelestrat

    Thoughts on a 2016 R8 gloss

    So I have my eyes on a R8 gloss with a killer top. Its used but like new, just a couple of play marks. The neck is chunky but not overwhelming (i do like big necks). It has the R860XXX serial number, but what should I look for. The Pup rings look slightly different in color from each other, and...
  4. RufusTelestrat

    New Gibson Gitfiddle day

    New Gibson Les Paul Classic Cherry red. Outstanding in every way.
  5. RufusTelestrat

    New Blue SG Day

    2018 standard purchased used. All case candy and not a mark on it. Note the plastic on the PG. Just a couple of shots. Boy the board was dry but looks great now. R
  6. RufusTelestrat

    New Guitar Day 2013 R0 Latrobe Burst

    Latrobe for the serial number featuring 33. And taking a sunbath:
  7. RufusTelestrat

    NGD '14 ES-345 Natural '59 reissue

  8. RufusTelestrat

    2014 Gibson Memphis ES-345 TD '59 Reissue

    The neck on this is as nice and thick as the '59 Custom reissue. Enjoy the photos: Natural with light figuring (very light) Really nice tuners. I have seen similar on a real 59 ES-345 Really dark fingerboard, without flash you would not see the red streaking
  9. RufusTelestrat

    Poll: When you play Pants off or on

    Just as valid as any other poll here. I think the pants mute the tone. R
  10. RufusTelestrat

    Warren Haynes Sig 61 ES-335 NGD

    While I know its not a Historic it is a reproduction of a 61 ES-335 and really nice. Link to the other thread and two photos. and it with the rest of the Historics
  11. RufusTelestrat

    Warren Haynes Sig 61 ES-335 NGD

    OMG what a wonderful Beast of a guitar. Sustain for days. You can go out and have a bite and come back and it is still sustaining. As usual Photo heavy. The Case nibbs:
  12. RufusTelestrat

    Full BZ or Layered BZ

    So Gibson announces tomorrow that they have been allowed to import some Brazillian Rosewood. The real stuff. Not from near Brazil but the real rainwood BZ that we all want. But there is a catch. The boards that they can get are too thin to do full thickness fingerboards, they would need to layer...
  13. RufusTelestrat

    NGD 2013 '60 Reissue Accurate Burst

    I finally got this bad boy home. Had way too many things going on. Some photos. I call it prime as all the numbers in the Serial are prime numbers. Otherwise it would be Tequilla Sunrise. Not quite as red as it looks. In the case as it got home. On the couch hanging out waiting to get played...
  14. RufusTelestrat

    Soon to be NGD 2013 VOS 60 LP reissue

    Sorry for the crappy cell phone photos, I did not think I was going to get another gitfiddle this year. Better photos when I get it home. What is hard to see in this is the cherry looks more like the BOB shots of the early 60s, which still had more 59 like color and less campbells soup color.
  15. RufusTelestrat

    NGD 2013 '59 Reissue Lemon Burst

    A nicer guitar I have not owned. Perhaps equally nice, but not nicer. Photos: IN Cali Girl 5 latch case About to catch case on fire with that flame Required Couch shot Edges are not nearly that orange in person Really diggin the new/old tuners and buttons. All in all I think this years...
  16. RufusTelestrat

    New 50th Anniversary Firebird Day

    It came in last week but I wanted them to adjust the nut just a little and to condition the fretboard. This thing sounds as good as it looks, and I do not know who said they skimped on the pickups, but they sound great. Case is so large I can hold a family of 3, and the pocket looks like a...
  17. RufusTelestrat

    NGD: 2013 Gibson Standard Plus Top Trans Amber (PIC Heavy)

    Sustain for days. With and without pickguard: My couch shot:
  18. RufusTelestrat

    New SG Day (photo heavy)

    Got 2013 SG Standard, picked up Saturday, but no time to play. Shots of front, compared to EPI and fingerboard as well as side carve. I think this is an extremely well built guitar, for very little money. The additional benefit for me is the neck joins where it should. Fingerboard (rosewood)...
  19. RufusTelestrat

    NGD 2013 ES-335TD VOS 1963 50th Anniversary

    This thing sings with or without an amp. The hyde glue, and all the new touches like no trussrod condom, seem to make it more like the old 60s ES-335 my buddy had. I loved to play that guitar and this one sings unplugged just like that old one. They even reproduced the old yellow case from the...
  20. RufusTelestrat

    New Gibson Memphis ES-335 TD 1963 50th Anniversary

    This thing is the bomb. It is the new hyde glue, no trussrod condom, correct tooling, cedar scurfing, tone maching. Color is not quite as bright in person, but I have new Halogen bulbs in my office and everything is KodaChrome now. They even have the period correct Nylon saddles.

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