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    Down the Stretch They Come ...

    Most exciting Kentucky Derby in a long time. Authentic vs. Tiz the Law This is/was more fun than investing in Tesla. When in doubt, always bet on Place.
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    Loretta Lynn marries Kid Rock

    USA Today Story of a Winter - Autumn Marriage Who can explain love? Good luck Loretta. At least Kid Rock will always have money to sustain his lifestyle. First thing you gotta do, Kid, is to buy the most expensive guitars on the market. Contact the collector who had his guitars on display at...
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    1961 Gibson SG refin Pelham Blue

    1961 Gibson SG -- Ebay This seems to have a few issues over and above the refinish. The pickups show no evidence of being early patent sticker models. Decals are nearly completely gone, and there is no evidence of tool marks on the brackets. Pickup covers are way too shiny. Fretboard inlays...
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    Get Organized

    This is a tribute to the hard working folks in Minnesota, one of whom is master carpenter Tom Gensmer. Do you think that buying Festool would make me a better woodworker, or a Tool Cork Sniffer? Anyway, it is never too early to start thinking about winter. In MN, it begins in August. I don't...
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    Amp Safari

    Very heartening story posted by youtuber Matthew Scott this month. He rescued a Fender Blackface amp from a barn. I won't spoil the story, but these old war horses have an inner life that is indomitable. Make sure you have the right test equipment and tools before you attempt an in-depth...
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    Non-functioning Guitar Case Latch

    What is the best brand of latch to repair one that is badly stuck in the case below? Most generic latches have different hole locations, and the existing ones on the case will need to be filled with a wood epoxy. Ease of opening and longevity of the chrome are the two most important...
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    Gibson 1968 LP GT Makeover to '59 Model

    1968 Gibson LP GT Makeover Seems like a good job by Kim. Weight is 9 lb 5 oz, neither high nor low relative to that period of time. No breaks according to a message from the seller. Dotted i logo and right curves in the cavity cutout. Pots date to 1967 (last third). Orange mylar caps seem to be...
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    Ultimate Reverb Scam - Gibson Les Paul Studio

    Man, I thought I had studied all the ways a scam could be pulled off on an online site. For example, selling a mint amp, being forced to take a return, and getting junk back in the mail. The double indignity of this type of transaction is losing the original item, and having to pay postage both...
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    Reverb Order Verification: ACTION REQUIRED

    Got an unusual email from Reverb with a phone verification request: Seems kind of weird since they do not even verify the phone number, just the access to the link.
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    Is this Overkill?

    My luthiering experience is somewhat limited, but I have built hardwood furniture and own most carpentry and cabinet making tools three times over. Also have a full set of DevilBiss spray guns. Need to figure how involved it is to get a full set of luthier tools. (Currently own most of the...
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    What happens if you can't pay the rent?

    It happens to the best of us, but what happens when it's a business? We all know Guitar Center is having financial problems. Most retailers who can't open their stores for business during the pandemic are seeing their cash flow impacted. Guitologist (Brad), the inveterate repair guy who...
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    The End of Ash

    Bad news article: End of Ash on Production Line This decision is going to affect the mass production line in mid-year, but not the Custom Shop, from information in the article. Now, as guitar buyers, we need to figure out which ash body guitars to purchase, before the supply runs out. Do I...
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    Humbucker pickup Identification

    Got this pic from a seller. It has a Patent Applied For decal. I have ruled this out as being a real PAF for several reasons, viz., no L tool marks, font not proper size, too crispy, funkiness in the clear border around the silkscreen, etc. Next step is to id the maker of the pickup, to at...
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    Video on Authenticating a 1958 Stratocaster

    In these dark times, I'd like to believe that there is goodness out there, with respect to buying an authentic vintage instrument. We need to be forearmed with good tips from a respected dealer. It's just that Fenders are made with removable parts, and the entry point for counterfeiting and...
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    Jury Duty - Honeygurl Defense

    After two days of trial and five hours of deliberation, the jury I served on delivered a verdict on one count and no decision on the second count of a domestic violence assault case. Here were some details of the case (names have been changed to protect the defendant and the witnesses): 1. On...
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    1974 Les Paul Custom Birdseye Maple Poof

    The most unusual looking top I've seen in a Norlin era Les Paul just sold in Japan. Gibson 1974 Les Paul Custom Birdseye Maple (316735605) - eBay (item 280628602989 end time Feb-19-11 01:06:12 PST) I asked the seller to take a look at the pickups, and he told me that the guitar was purchased...
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    Gibson Authorized (???) Burny Les Paul

    The wording exactly: very clean burny made in japan ( under gibson authorization) les paul custom in excellent condition. From this ebay listing (item id 250766281734): GIBSON BURNY LES PAUL CUSTOM BLACK - eBay (item 250766281734 end time Mar-01-11 16:15:41 PST) You learn a new thing every...
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    Unusual ES-335

    Here's one I can't figure out. Gibson ES-335 Figured Gloss 60's slim dot neck - eBay (item 130483346992 end time Feb-12-11 10:57:34 PST) Body looks gorgeous, but the neck looks like it was grafted onto the body. No serial number as far as I can see, so how can it come from Gibson's custom shop?
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    1997 tokai lp std 59ri flame top super rare

    This just came up on ebay today. Very unusual, but is it equivalent or superior to a Tokai LS420? 1997 TOKAI LP STD 59RI FLAME TOP SUPER RARE MUST SEE!!! - eBay (item 180622040322 end time Feb-12-11 16:01:53 PST) This headstock was designed in such a way that it meant serious business. As in...
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    SG Custom 1972 One-off Slipped through my Hands

    This one got away from me in the past hour or so: Highlights: 3 Pickups (circa 1972 Gibson embossed patented T-tops), Gold plated hardware, walnut top. The ebay listing: Vintage 1972 Gibson SG Custom VERY RARE GUITAR NearMint - eBay (item 260730258430 end time Feb-04-11 17:00:36 PST) Item...

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