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    Pics Needed - Crazy Parts - Kluson Single-Line tuners for LP Aged

    Hi guys, in the never-ending quest for a set of tuners with just the right tips (for me), I've came across the following tuners from Crazy Parts: Kluson Single-Line tuners for LP Aged There are some pics on the site but they're not that great imo, so, if anyone has bought a set - and kept...
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    Soon to be NGD 2010 Epiphone Dot - Upgrade help

    Hey guys, I should be receiving this amazing lookin Dot through the post on friday, as it's going to have the stock Epi junk wiring etc I've been planning a complete overhaul of all hardware and electronics but have hit a few issues: -For aesthetic reasons I want to install some Gibson Pickup...
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    Quick soldering question

    Hi guys:thumb:, I'm awaiting delivery of a set of Bare Knuckle Mules and a Fake 58 wiring kit, both of which are going into my Epi Les Paul (all I can afford for now). I'm going to do the 50s wiring setup but I'm not certain about a few things, so here goes: -On a switchcraft 3-way switch; on...

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