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    Greco violin bass - fret question

    I bought this bass as a project, and one of the things that needs attention is the frets. Although they look pretty grubby they’re actually not that worn. The thing is, the frets have been cut quite short, and don’t reach across the binding. The ends aren’t particularly smooth - I could...
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    Replacing an SG fingerboard

    I have a project SG which needs a new fingerboard, as the current one has really wide fret slots, and has been excessively rounded along the edges. I have bought a pre-slotted ebony board, but as I haven't done this before I'm not sure which jobs I should do before attaching the new board to...
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    Refretting a fingerboard with worn edges

    Hi guys, this is my second refret, and the first with a fret press. I started pressing in the frets (Jescar FW57110, pre-radiused to 12"), but I've found that the fret ends aren't seating properly. I checked the board with a radius gauge and it turns out the board only has a 12" radius across...
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    Gibson SG - ugly heel repair

    Hi, this is my first post here. It looks like a great place! I've just bought my next project which is a 1974 SG Standard. It is missing most of the hardware but is in okay shape, with the exception of this repair at the heel: The seller said it was fine under string tension, and it...

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