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  1. Dragonsarc

    Grover Tuners / Machine head

    are Grover tuners from Epiphone LP will fit a Gibson LP or Gibson SG or vice versa? are they the same grover tuners? thanks
  2. Dragonsarc

    Blackstar HT-5 OP Tranny

    K I lend my HT-5 to my brother and when i picked it up I saw that he hooked up the amp wrong 16ohms on the amp to an 8 ohm cab, he said he only used it for 2 - 2 1/2 hours not dimened but about half way tho, is the OP Tranny compromised? I tested it all day today and I think it sounds kinda ok I...
  3. Dragonsarc

    this LP custom legit?

    up on craigslist and kinda interested but not sure if its legit, its an 08 and looks kinda good but shouldnt the back of the head stock have a Made in the USA engraved on it?, and has a 490R in the neck and 498T in the bridge shouldnt it be 500t's? and the seller had a stupid accident that he...
  4. Dragonsarc

    Burstbuckers Pro V VS Duncan Pearly Gates

    i have a studio les paul with Burstbuckers Pro V now im switching the Neck pups to a Duncan alnico 2 pro and thinking since im changing 1 pup i might as well change the bridge but how hot is pearly gates compared to Burstbuckers? or should I just leave the Burstbucker on the bridge? - I like the...
  5. Dragonsarc

    Burstbuckers Pro V vs Duncan Pearly Gates

  6. Dragonsarc

    is this a good even trade or not?

    do you guys think this was an even trade - I did an even trade with my Fender Deville Re Issue 4x10 with an ESP japan made MIJ Edwards Les Paul with Duncans JB and 59s Pups with a flightcase? the guitar is in good condition head stock tip has a little dings and a lower face ding near the upper...
  7. Dragonsarc

    which one?

    or this one thier about $50 bucks different epi is more :confused:

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