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  1. the1jj

    Gibson SG Special - Faded cherry

    Thanks. You’re probably right.
  2. the1jj

    Calling all 2012 Studio owners

    Long shot here, but no harm in trying. I recently bought a guitar, and it had an additional serial paperwork in it. Looks like it may belong to a studio with serial number ending in 0399. If you want it, let me know and I can send to you free of charge. Just PM me. Thanks.
  3. the1jj

    Gibson SG Special - Faded cherry

    She has the stock pickups in her. 490r and 498t’s I believe.
  4. the1jj

    Gibson Les Paul Goldtop - R7

    Yessir. Called Gibson to confirm year when I traded for it with another forum member.
  5. the1jj

    Gibson Les Paul Goldtop - R7

    Hey all, You guys likely know what this is. These are getting rarer as of late, and get snagged up pretty quick. The neck is as thick as they come. I have small hands, but the profile is extremely comfortable. She is a beefy lady in the profile, but not on the back. She weighed in at the...
  6. the1jj

    Gibson SG Special - Faded cherry

    Great project guitar here. Guitar body is in good shape, however she has been loved in her previous life. She was a main gigging guitar of the local musician friend of mine. She has a raised action for some hard rock Rhythm play. Her body is in good shape, but her paint is wearing away on the...
  7. the1jj

    FS: Gibson Les Paul Classic 2016 Limited Run in Honeyburst

    Hell of a top on that. Nice grain brother
  8. the1jj

    FS: 2013 American Std Olympic White Strat

    Gorgeous guitar brother!
  9. the1jj

    Gibson SG Pelham Blue W/ Bare Knuckle Mules Split Coil

    Selling a Gibson SG in Pelham Blue with BK Mules wired Split coil. Looking to pull 1300 out of this one, shipping included. This girl does ship with a soft case and those BK Mules certainly do bring the sweet heat PAF we all tend to look for in a great guitar and great pickup. Ebay link (with...
  10. S-l1600


  11. S-l1603


  12. the1jj

    SOLD: Marshall Class5 5W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

    Marshall Class 5's are great amps man! They are not unlike the higher end Bluesbreakers. Someone better bite, because Im heavily debating using some Paypal credit to grab this beauty. The last thing I need is another amp, but if its not gone in 24 hours, then ill definitely buy me a 5th amp.
  13. the1jj

    SOLD. 2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.

    Beautiful guitar brother.
  14. the1jj

    WTB Guitarforce Pickups

  15. the1jj

    WTB Guitarforce Pickups

    Hey all, Looking to buy some Guitarforce Pickups. Let me know what you got. Ideally interested in a Rebel/Rebelfire combo, but open to any offers you have out there. Let me know, thanks!

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