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  1. crowemag82

    Pre-wired harness options

    So I have grown tired of one of my Les Paul's with EMG pickups and want to go back to good old passive. What is the general though on pre-made harness kits? Is Emerson really all that great? Better options? I am into the modern wiring not 50's. Help a brother out!
  2. crowemag82

    1979 Standard (natural)

    I have the opportunity to make a trade for this guitar. What can you guys tell me about a 1979 Notion era standard. Good, bad, ugly. This one is in fantastic shape. 1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard in EC
  3. crowemag82

    Grounding Bus Wire

    What do I need/??? What gauge does Gibson use from factory? Thanks!
  4. crowemag82

    Double Slug humbucker NECK

    I am not someone that uses the neck pickup all that much. I can pick up a double slug neck humbucker for about $40 locally. Should I? I know nothing about this specific Gibson pickup and cannot find any online videos. Whats it like?
  5. crowemag82

    Speed knob height off the body......

    Could someone post some pics of their speed knob height in relation to the surface of the body? Thanks!
  6. crowemag82

    Gone. Please date!

    I have a new set of uncovered Custom Buckers that are in my VOS Custom. Gold screws. Bridge reads 7.40 in the guitar and neck reads 7.90. They sound great but I am a metal dude and have a specific taste. No longer looking to trade. $300.00 gets the set. Thanks.
  7. crowemag82


    Until I joined this forum I always followed the rule that the heavier the LP the better! I believe this notion came from my father who was a 70's LP rocker. Coming here I see that people often prefer the sub 8 pound variants. Is this true or am I reading in to it? Being the viking that I am a...
  8. crowemag82

    Gibson electronic components

    Is there any real difference in sound and quality in say a set of 1988 Gibson pots/caps to a modern equivalent? I ask because I have a few loaded Les Paul harnesses from old 88’s. Was wondering if they are worth using in some of my modern Paul’s. Hmmmmm.
  9. crowemag82

    Les Paul Custom Wiring 2019 issue

    Hey guys. I just took delivery of a 2019 Les Paul Custom. It’s an amazing guitar but I assumed I would not dig the Custom Buckers. Although I want to give them a fair try I noticed that the bridge position sounds very weak compared to the neck position Bucker. It is also very noisy. Not just...
  10. crowemag82

    1988 Les Paul Studio

    Just thought I would share my love for the earlier Studio's. I have many Standards and my first Custom on the way (should be here tomorrow!!!) but this Studio has won my heart for over 25 years, when my father passed it on to me. Obviously it has sentimental value going for it but the quality...
  11. crowemag82

    Gibson Custom Shop Exclusive Les Paul Custom VOS

    Anyone here have one of these bad boys? What can you tell me? Like? Love? Hate?
  12. crowemag82

    2019 Custom Bucker......ok for traditional metal?

    I have a very nice custom shop Custom on it's way to me. Will I be able to happily get some traditional heavy metal tones with the 2019 custom buckers or will they have to go? Thanks!
  13. crowemag82

    1992 Gibson LP Standard peg hole size

    Hello all! I m trying to replace my Kluson tuners with a nice modern locking alternative with NO drilling required. I have heard that the Planet Waves Auto Trim would be a direct replacement but all that I have seen have been more recent Les Paul models. Can someone please clarify what size the...

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